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The best combination of automobile CRM and ERP

at present, 4S is the prevailing operation mode in the automobile sales service industry. This mode closely combines product sales with after-sales service guarantee, and establishes a set of good service system for automobile manufacturers. So, as an automobile 4S store itself, what kind of management model must it build to give full play to the advantages of this system, ensure the continuous improvement of service quality, and ensure the efficiency of the 4S store

the popular enterprise management modes are "enterprise resource planning (ERP)" and "customer relationship management (CRM)". Which mode should automobile 4S stores choose

the competition in today's automobile sales market is particularly fierce. In order to sell cars, businesses have exhausted all means, such as discounts, price reductions, disguised price reductions, and so on. There is no profit in the sales link, and the 4S store naturally turns to the service link depending on the power source of survival and development. Therefore, for a 4S store, the ownership of car owners determines its own destiny. Cultivating customers' loyalty to 4S stores has become the focus of management. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is a business strategy that takes customers as the center, creates value for customers through personalized, professional and humanized services, so as to improve customer satisfaction and loyalty, and then improve the profitability of enterprises. In fact, many 4S stores are consciously or unconsciously practicing this management mode: organizing car owners' meetings, customer visits, polite reception, transparent operations, rewards, etc. But there are also some noises in the process: we need to rush those low-value customers and those tricky customers to our competitors. This kind of judging customer value only by financial contribution, while ignoring the social impact of customers may lead to indirect 11. Servo electromechanical system drive: the electromechanical drive electric cylinder loads the value of the pedal is one-sided, but it also shows the helplessness of these 4S stores: the service needs to be invested, which will inevitably increase the cost. When the investment does not make the income increase significantly, they think about how to reduce the cost

is it possible to reduce costs while maintaining or even increasing service items? The answer is yes. The practice of many 4S stores has also proved this point: that is to establish an "enterprise resource planning (ERP)" management model. ERP is a management mode and a computer management system. Its significance lies in taking the optimization of business resources as the starting point, integrating the overall business management of the enterprise, and maximizing the efficiency of enterprise management

in the daily operation of automobile 4S stores, many business lines involve the operation collaboration across different business departments: during the transaction process, the business flow collaboration between the sales department and the procurement, warehouse management, customer, finance, security and other departments; During the maintenance process, the front desk reception cooperates with the business flow of workshop operation, procurement, warehouse management, customer, finance and other departments. In these collaborative work, it naturally involves work efficiency management and cost control: the utilization rate of maintenance workers; Reasonable inventory of accessories and so on. ERP management mode solves these problems perfectly. Through all staff budget management (plan management), formulate the performance plans of all business links and employees, and implement them in each period. Through the monitoring of business process, grasp the completion status of the plan, and improve the operation efficiency through internal mining. The improvement of efficiency not only reduces the cost, but also improves customer satisfaction

from the above analysis, it can be seen that the popular management modes "enterprise resource planning (ERP)" and "customer relationship management (CRM)" solve different management problems of 4S stores from different angles. Only building one of these modes can not meet the management requirements of 4S stores. Can these two modes be combined? The answer is yes

Youqi company was founded by early domestic customer relationship management experts. Based on the frontier of applied research, it has built a unified operation team in the coastal economic belt, and has set up special research and service institutions in major regions of East and South China

since the establishment of the company, it has focused on China's automotive industry with great development potential and space. ① the control mode of the management team adopts intelligent expert settings. System consultants and application experts have many years of working experience in the auto sales service industry. After systematic CRM research, consultation, training and service in the automobile distribution service industry, we believe that a simple CRM system can not solve the challenges faced by automobile dealers at all

and the development team of Youqi company has rich experience in the design of ERP system, so the management team of Youqi decided to develop a new 4S store integrated business management platform with the characteristics of CRM system and ERP system for the management of automobile dealers

this is the first domestic software manufacturer to put forward this bold idea, and so far it is the only software manufacturer to realize this idea. The reason why Youqi autocrm is still named CRM is that "customer-centric service" is the design concept of the whole system. In terms of concept, it is a CRM system

but Youqi autocorm is not a simple CRM system. Its business application covers all aspects of 4S store management. At the same time, this is a system that organically combines internal management and external management. For the same business, excellent enterprise autocrm has the characteristics of both CRM system and ERP system

for example, in automobile sales business, excellent enterprise autocrm not only has all the functions of traditional CRM, such as mining sales opportunities, customer behavior analysis, intended customer tracking, etc., but also has the functions and characteristics of ERP system. It not only provides Shanying Paper Co., Ltd., Huatai Co., Ltd. and Vida international with various businesses before, during and after sales to become the newcomer management function in the "10billion" enterprise, such as vehicle inventory, boutique inventory, agency installation, insurance services, etc., but also accurately analyzes the sales, so as to know the real cost of selling cars, how much of these costs brings efficient profits to the enterprise, and how much is at a loss. Whether it is the sales revenue and cost of new cars, the decoration revenue and cost of new cars, the cost of gifts, the revenue and cost of agency services, insurance rebates, and the revenue and cost of spare parts can be accurately analyzed

in the internal management of the enterprise, such as parts management, workshop management, maintenance and other ERP system strengths, excellent enterprise autocrm integrates the management concept and thought of CRM, emphasizing the management of service process and the control of service quality. At the same time, the control of service process and service quality can quickly improve the service ability and level of enterprises and win the trust of customers. It realizes the organic combination of ERP system and CRM system. (end)

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