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Aise Technology: an excellent "stress reducer" in the field of energy conservation

Abstract: in 2013, with the acceleration of urbanization, energy supply and demand were tight, and the pressure of energy conservation and emission reduction increased. Aishe technology breaks through the traditional energy-saving method that used to focus only on the source power, with the output of building steel structures of 36 million tons, 41 million tons and 46 million tons respectively, focuses on the energy-saving solutions of compressed air system, and creates the energy-saving concept of promoting from the end to the source; The bold adoption of reverse thinking not only contributes to the innovation of industry and patented technology, but also contributes to the real decompression of enterprises

2013, industrial energy conservation is very important Alexander

through 2012, as the first year of the 12th Five Year Plan, the situation of energy conservation and emission reduction in 2013 has changed again. According to the national development and Reform Commission, we can expand manufacturing and control its microstructure, Dai Yande, deputy director of the Energy Research Institute, said that due to the wide and bright order in the workshop, the macroeconomic situation in the first three quarters continued to decline, and the national energy supply and demand situation in 2012 was looser than in previous years. However, by 2013, with the continuous improvement of macro-economy, especially the accelerated start of urbanization, the consumption of rubber fatigue testing machines produced by coal, electricity, oil and gas and other major energy sources will increase rapidly again. It is expected that from the second half of 2013, energy supply and demand will begin to return to the previous tight state. The return of energy supply and demand to a tight state will increase the pressure on energy conservation and emission reduction. In addition, the comparison between the energy-saving target of 240 million tons of standard coal to be achieved during the Eleventh Five Year Plan period and the target of 670 million tons of standard coal during the Twelfth Five Year Plan period also shows Alexander in energy conservation in the industrial field. Therefore, in the whole process of energy conservation in 2013 and in the future, energy consuming enterprises need to make decompression arrangements for themselves

destroy all stress with reverse thinking

among the many ways people reduce blood pressure, there is a method called reverse thinking, which means that when people face difficulties and emotional frustration, thinking in the opposite direction can make people's psychology and emotions change benign, draw completely opposite conclusions, and make people overcome depression and free themselves from bad emotions. A typical story illustrates this problem: Once upon a time, an old lady worried about the weather every day. If it didn't rain, she worried that her eldest son, who sold umbrellas, didn't have a business; If it rains, and worried that the second son of the dyeing room can't dry the cloth, so he frowns all day. Later, a neighbor said to her: why don't you think about it? If it rains, the eldest son's business will be good; If it doesn't rain, the second son can dry the cloth. The old lady suddenly realized and never frowned again

facing the Alexander that energy consuming enterprises will face in 2013, we might as well learn from this reverse thinking and decompression method, and regard the changes in various hard indicators and macro environment in the 12th Five Year Plan as new opportunities for enterprises to improve their various benefits: because it is this tight energy supply and firm energy-saving goals that enable enterprises to pay attention to energy-saving benefits in the production process, so as to create more economic benefits

in the subdivided field of industrial energy conservation, a special energy-saving service provider has also made outstanding contributions to the energy conservation and emission reduction of air compressors with this reverse thinking. It has not only won the venture capital of Softbank China, but also won numerous honors of Zhongguancun emerging technology. It is aishe Technology (Beijing aishe times Technology Development Co., Ltd.). Relying on the advantages of pneumatic theory and practice, it breaks through the traditional energy-saving method of focusing only on the source power equipment in the past, focuses on the energy-saving solution of compressed air system, and creates the energy-saving concept of promoting from end to source, realizing personalized and refined energy-saving for air compressor room and end air equipment, Help energy consuming enterprises complete the leap from managing energy-saving technologies to energy-saving processes. In the view of aishe technology, the bold adoption of reverse thinking not only contributes to the innovation of industry and patented technology, but also makes some contributions to the real decompression of enterprises. Since its establishment three years ago, the company has successfully saved 26000 tons of standard coal for many well-known enterprises such as Haier, Datang and other Fortune 500 enterprises. It can be seen that aishe technology is an excellent decompressor in the field of air compressors. In 2013, with this way of reverse thinking, we believe that more and more enterprises can easily create a green tomorrow for people

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