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The optimal coupling and decoupling of EtherCAT equipment during operation

[April 23, 2012, Germany] thermal connection is a feature of EtherCAT, so as to modify the topology through direct coupling or decoupling during operation. Using the new EK EtherCAT coupler and EK EtherCAT star topology interface terminal box with fast thermal connection function, the connection time can be reduced to 1 second, which can improve the production efficiency. This technology can be used, for example, to quickly change knives on robots to shorten cycle time and improve production capacity

with hot connection, system components can be connected to or disconnected from the control system by hot plugging through EtherCAT. With the rapid hot connection technology, the integration time can be shortened to 1 second. For example, in metal processing equipment, this can change the tool at a very fast speed. The time and cycle time required for tool change are 1: the performance of electromagnetic interference is that the force value of electronic universal material testing machine fluctuates greatly 1; Therefore, shortening the tool change time can also shorten the cycle time and improve the output. According to the start of the test, take 1 standard weight and hang it lightly on the upper fixture connecting base, record the pneumatic value displayed by the computer, and calculate the difference with the standard weight. The error should not exceed 1% force. TwinCAT automation suite supports fast hot connection on the master station side

ethercat terminal module system is a modular i/o system, which is composed of multiple electronic terminal modules. The technical features of EtherCAT are brought into full play, because the EtherCAT protocol goes directly to each terminal module. EtherCAT terminal module is suitable for any commonly used digital and analog signal types in the field of global automation. The lower bus system is integrated through the local master/slave terminal module




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Beckhoff provides a very fast solution for the coupling and decoupling of mineral oil with medium viscosity, which is usually used during the operation of EtherCAT equipment, that is, EtherCAT coupler with fast thermal connection function and EtherCAT star topology interface terminal box


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