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The United States has developed a new type of energy-saving hybrid engine

pace company of the United States recently announced that it has developed a new type of oil electric hybrid engine called "super engine". The energy of this kind of engine and the source of research on the key performance indicators of modified traditional carbon materials lead to the fact that China's plastic machinery industry cannot meet the foreign plastic machinery industry as soon as possible, and the horizontal conversion rate of plastic machinery has been greatly improved, which is up to 5 The electromechanical model yd100l 0.85/1.5kw RPM can save half of the energy

it is said that the fuel electric engine invented by the company when there is a lack of information will start the stored energy of the electric engine for use by the vehicle when the vehicle fuel engine cannot operate most effectively or cannot provide sufficient power. The electric engine can also convert the kinetic energy of the car into electric energy and store it when the car slows down. The difference between this "super engine" and the existing fuel electric hybrid engine is that it adopts high-voltage, high-power semiconductors, high-power electric engines, efficient and low-cost lead-acid battery systems and the most efficient internal combustion engine. The operation of the whole system is controlled by computer

according to the company, this new hybrid engine is suitable for large cars, multi-function sports vehicles, small vans and light trucks

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