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Cijie citr monitors intelligent tools, equipment and systems in the best way through the measurement and control system. IX remote security access solution has been recognized by Forrester

recently, Asia is the sector with the greatest potential for composite materials, cijie announced, Forrester, an independent research company, rated SJ as one of the most important and innovative zero trust network access (ztna) solution suppliers in its report new tech: zero trust network access in the second quarter of 2021 (q22021), which is also one of the three largest tomato producing and processing countries in the world

the report gives a comprehensive overview of the market situation of ztna solutions through in-depth investigation and Research on the first production line of the enterprise, and classifies the 34 shortlisted zero trust network access suppliers according to the three criteria of business years, number of employees and product maturity

according to the maturity of the company, the report divides suppliers into three echelons: mature, growing and early. Among them, Forrester classified SJ as a mature supplier established before 2011. The report points out:

companies that have been deeply involved in the network security market for more than ten years are expected to accumulate rich professional knowledge in basic technologies such as access, network, minimum access and data protection

companies that have been established for a long time are more likely to have mature partners and perfect support systems

the number of ztna employees represents the degree of supplier investment in product growth and sustainability

the ztna solution put into use before 2020 is more mature than the solution launched during the epidemic

create a new model

Fermin Serna, chief information security officer of SJ, said: the epidemic has accelerated the process of Enterprise Cloud migration and the transition to remote office mode. At the same time, a series of new problems about security and reliability have also emerged. Therefore, enterprises urgently need to adopt new methods to solve and prevent these problems. Nowadays, people can work anywhere and at any time, and get the resources they need from the equipment. This further shows that modern enterprises need to adopt targeted and adaptive intelligent methods, follow the zero trust model, and ensure the safety of employees and data in different workspaces and scenarios. This is the uniqueness of SJ's digital workspace security solution. We are glad to be recognized by Forrester

create modern methods

SJ provides a powerful set of integrated cloud services as part of its secure access solution, which can improve the security of users and applications. No matter where this scheme is deployed, enterprises can:

strengthen the security of access to all internal and external applications, whether it department approves it or not

provide a safe and efficient working environment for employees who adopt mixed office mode

reduce the risk of internal and external attacks on all applications, application program interfaces (APIs), devices and data

by strengthening networks The zero trust mechanism and the security model of security access service edge (SASE) realize the unification and optimization of enterprise digital architecture

about SJ

Sj (nasdaq:ctxs) has built a safe and unified digital work space technology to help enterprises release the potential of employees and provide a consistent workspace experience wherever work is needed. Together with SJ, users can get a seamless work experience, and it will have a unified platform to protect, manage and monitor various technologies in a complex cloud environment

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