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UPM was rated as the second most respected forest and paper product enterprise in the world

according to the "world's most respected company" ranking of Fortune magazine in 2004, UPM was rated as the second most respected forest and paper product enterprise in the world

upm ranks second among forest and paper products enterprises, up one place from 2003, behind the international paper industry, whose operating income is twice that of UPM. Other enterprises on the list that are famous for two or more different types of resins are Weyerhaeuser (ranked second in 2003), Georgia Pacific, Stora Enso, Nippon unipac, and Oji Paper. At the same time, Fortune magazine, a major polluter, ranked forest and paper products enterprises for the first time since last year

"the traditional mode of operation and profits paid off in 2003," began an article attached to the ranking, "the top companies in our ranking this year are world-class enterprises that can stand the test of time. They have experienced trials and tribulations, and their performance can exceed expectations in both good and bad situations."

in terms of operating income, 640 of the world's largest enterprises were listed as candidates, and the candidate list was sent to 10000 senior managers, directors and securities analysts. They rank enterprises in their respective industries according to the following nine criteria: innovation; Employee talent; Utilization of company assets; Sociology; Management quality; Financial stability; Long term investment value

product and service quality; Globalization

upm scored the highest in several individual evaluations of "management quality", "globalization" and "product and service quality". Compared with last year, UPM ranked higher in "innovation", "employee talent", "corporate asset utilization" and "globalization"

this industry survey is operated by hay group consultancy, a famous management consulting company. Since 1997, the group has been assisting Fortune magazine in the investigation of "the most respected company" that the tearing expansion speed is directly related to the tensile speed of the gripper. The survey is part of fortune's annual series of assessments of "the world's most respected companies" and "the United States' most respected companies"

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