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UPM glasin won the lion Cup "2020 China Packaging Innovation and Sustainable Development Award"

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on October 30, Guangzhou - UPM UPM glasin won the lion Cup "2020 China Packaging Innovation and Sustainable Development Award"

the "sustainable development packaging award" hosted by lion media group is one of the most professional and influential industry awards in China. It aims to commend the achievements of enterprises in sustainable development, promote the transformation and upgrading of the packaging industry chain, and encourage the application of sustainable packaging technology to practical products

Chinese people pay attention to seasonal diet. In the list of delicious spring food, Baba orange is the favorite of many people. It is not only sweet and juicy, but also rich in vitamin C and citric acid. However, in the past, Baba oranges and other fruits were always "fostered" in independently packed plastic bags. Plastic packages that seemed beautifully printed but could not be degraded could not be degraded in the natural environment for hundreds of years after being discarded, which inevitably left a shadow of environmental pollution on the tip of the tongue in spring

in order to change this situation, UPM innovatively uses glasin to bring environmental protection "new clothes" to protect spring and fresh food

grazin packaging innovation and Sustainable Development Award

as an environmental protection product with excellent processing performance, renewable, recyclable and biodegradable, UPM's innovative packaging application has broadened the use scene of grazin, giving environmental protection packaging more choices, and won the packaging award at one go


advantages of glasin packaging



the raw materials of UPM glasin are from sustainably managed forests, so it has the advantages of renewable and recyclable, reducing the increase of waste, and promoting circular economy. Compared with the defects that plastic is difficult to degrade, glasin can degrade naturally after 3 weeks, which greatly improves the environmental protection pressure brought by plastic film and plastic packaging, and becomes an important "player" to promote circular economy


highlight the quality of packaging

as a carrier to convey the first impression, the texture and design details of product packaging are particularly important. The high smoothness and high stiffness of gracine can bring excellent texture to consumers. At the same time, full gloss can highlight the bright visual effect of product design, interpret the exquisite and high-end packaging taste, and thus enhance the added value of products


ensure the freshness of the product

the packaging of gracine has good air permeability, which can maximize the freshness of food. At the same time, the paper has high toughness, which can avoid the problem of package damage during long-distance transportation, so as to ensure sales efficiency

UPM has always been committed to maximizing the cost-effectiveness and environmental benefits of products. Grasin's excellent performance in release backing paper is also well known and recognized by many people, and has been praised by many people in the industry


excellent quality reduces production costs

upm glasin can be directly coated with silicon without coating, reducing production processes and production costs. In the silicon coating process, the characteristics of high barrier + surface chemistry reduce the demand for silicon oil and catalyst and reduce the cost. At the same time, UPM has also developed low gram weight glasin products. Under the same cost conditions, the paper output is higher, and the unit price per square meter is lower, which increases the cost advantage


high standard quality control improves production efficiency

the Royal DSM group of the Netherlands, a global life science and material science professional company, held a completion ceremony in Nanjing, China on December 3

upm Changshu paper mill inherited 30 years of production and technical experience from Europe, so that grazin has always maintained a high standard of quality control. The fine thickness fluctuation control ensures the extremely low thickness change value and optimal density of glasin, providing excellent operation performance for high mechanical strength

each roll of glasin has stable high quality, high temperature resistance, non crimping, excellent release force control, reducing the incidence of paper breakage, thereby improving production efficiency


a variety of product lines meet different needs and save wood recyclability requirements

upm gracine products have a rich product line, including white gracine, blue gracine, double-sided gracine, etc. the panel industry is still an emerging industry in China, and the product specifications range from 58g/㎡ ~90g/㎡, which can meet the application requirements in different fields at the same time

sustainable packaging has become the general trend of future development. UPM continues to lead with innovation and explore eco-friendly packaging products and solutions. In addition to the grasin series, UPM's food grade packaging products, solide and solide, have also been used in aluminum engines before this method, and the Shun white kraft paper series is also very popular among many partners and brands

in the future, UPM will continue to pursue sustainable development as the core, bring more innovative technologies and environmental protection applications, and promote the upgrading and development of the packaging industry

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