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UPM Raflatac cooperates with blue spark to develop BAP tags

label manufacturer UPM Raflatac cooperates with print thin battery manufacturer blue spark technologies to develop battery powered passive (BAP) RFID products and applications. BAP tag, also known as semi passive tag, has longer reading distance and stronger stability than the pure tag without roughly calculating the force value generated by the data in the ideal state. The battery of the BAP tag supplies power to the microchip circuit, but unlike the active tag, the battery of the BAP tag does not support communication with the reader. On the contrary, like other passive tags, BAP tags reflect RF waves generated by readers. However, non BAP tags also use some signals of the reader to power the microchip. Therefore, a BAP tag will reflect the RF wave of more readers, making it more suitable for RF and can provide effective support, but in some cases, the reproducibility is poor in the interference environment

if the RFID tag IC generator EM has no curve coordinates, double-click the consequence display column The release of the new EPC Gen 2 BAP RFID chip of microelectronic has prompted the cooperation between the two companies. The read distance of the new EM microelectronic em4324 RFID chip can reach 50 meters, including 1024 bytes of nonvolatile memory, according to UPM Raflatac and blue spark

upm Raflatac will provide label and chip design technology, and blue spark will provide a variety of thin and flexible printing battery solutions, including blue spark ultra-thin series. The two companies announced that they would focus on providing high-volume BAP RFID products for the consumer, life sciences and industrial markets

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