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Uncover: Zhengzhou science Avenue "Yutong sanitation mode"

uncover: Zhengzhou science Avenue "Yutong sanitation mode"

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recently, Zhengzhou high tech Zone government conducted market-oriented operation bidding for some road cleaning service projects in Zhengzhou high tech Industrial Development Zone, and Zhengzhou Yutong Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. won the bid for the cleaning and cleaning project of science Avenue section, with a cleaning area of about 610000 square meters. According to the contract, the project will be officially put into operation from July 1. A month has passed. What is the effect of market-oriented operation and what new changes have it brought? Conducted field visits

Yutong mode: "customized" -- reasonable allocation of manual and mechanical operations

with the help of Yutong heavy industry's rich experience in environmental sanitation operation system solutions in "urban road cleaning", "domestic waste collection and transportation", in the cleaning and cleaning project of science Avenue, according to the characteristics of road conditions and the flow of people and vehicles, the project team developed a detailed and specific cleaning operation model, which mainly detects the impact absorption performance of materials

Zhengzhou science Avenue "Yutong sanitation mode"

first, the motorway implements the full mechanized operation mode

from 23:00 p.m. to 6:00 a.m., make full use of the time period when there are few vehicles and people on the road, and use the dust collector, cleaning vehicle, high-pressure cleaning vehicle and other equipment independently produced by Yutong heavy industry to carry out joint operations. According to the "one suction, two flushing, three cleaning" mode, carry out the full mechanical general sweeping of the motorway in turn, effectively remove the road dust, and fully restore the true color of the road. During the day, on the premise of the peak of wrong driving flow, cleaning operations such as road washing, dust collection and cleaning are carried out at different times to ensure that the road plus the overall solar power generation cost is clean, tidy and bright as new

second, the sidewalk adopts the man-machine cooperative operation mode

the sidewalk cleaning operation is mainly manual, and the sanitation workers will comprehensively clean the pavement before the peak of the traffic flow; The sidewalk cleaning operation adopts the "mechanical washing + manual cooperation" mode, and Yutong heavy industry road maintenance vehicle, multi-function road sweeper, electric three wheel cleaning vehicle and other equipment cooperate with the sanitation workers to ensure that the new garbage on the road is treated in time and transferred quickly, so as to truly realize the "garbage does not fall on the ground"

III. The multifunctional dust suppression vehicle comprehensively suppresses PM2.5

after a whole day of exhaust emissions from passing vehicles, as one of the important trunk roads of the high-tech zone, the air quality around science Avenue has been seriously damaged. At 17:00 every day, Yutong heavy industry multi-functional dust suppression vehicle ceremoniously appeared to effectively improve the surrounding air quality

IV. dustbin cleaning, inspection of water collection wells... Think of and do the details

how to guide pedestrians not to litter and keep the road clean as new? Ping Shenming, the cleaning service project manager of Yutong environmental protection science Avenue, said, "first of all, we should ensure that the garbage can is clean. If the garbage can itself is not clean, pedestrians will only choose to stay away." Therefore, the project team requires that garbage cans be kept clean all day long; The garbage in the dustbin does not rise, and it is cleared every day. 7. The drop hammer impact tester inspects the status of the red indicator light of the left photoelectric switch: it means that the sample is too high and the light cannot be transported twice. Indeed, the dustbin cleaning work has been done in place, and pedestrians' consciousness of throwing garbage into the dustbin has also been improved. Now, there is basically no randomly discarded garbage on the road. Even the sanitation workers say that this is a twice the result with half the effort

it rains frequently in summer, especially this year. In order to avoid the congestion of water collection wells in rainy days, the project team always pays attention to the weather changes and does a good job of prevention. Before each heavy rain, organize sanitation workers to comprehensively check each water collection well to ensure that the surrounding area is clean and free of debris and smooth drainage

project effect: three temporary spot checks, all of which meet the "Ke Lun Jing" standard

unconsciously, people found that the health situation of science Avenue was gradually improving

"since July, I have obviously felt that the environmental sanitation conditions are much better than before. Many sanitation workers with the words' Yutong sanitation 'printed on their clothes have cleaned the streets earlier and harder than before. They have also added a lot of equipment with the words' Yutong heavy industry' printed on their clothes. They wash and maintain them every day. How can the roads not be clean!" A pedestrian on the roadside told me

it is understood that in one month, the relevant supervision departments conducted three raids on the motorway of science Avenue, and the results of the spot check showed that the grams of garbage per square meter reached the "gram for net" standard of Zhengzhou urban administration from July to August

follow up plan: expand mechanical operation, younger environmental sanitation team, and expand business scope

nowadays, in the environmental sanitation market-oriented operation project of science Avenue, Yutong heavy industry has invested in more than 20 environmental sanitation equipment with different functions, such as cleaning vehicles, high-pressure cleaning vehicles, dust suction vehicles, road maintenance vehicles, dust suppression vehicles, and equipped with 114 environmental sanitation workers

Ping Shenming, the project manager, told: "Yutong heavy industry has a complete range of environmental sanitation products. With the further promotion of the project, we will introduce more environmental sanitation equipment to further improve the mechanized operation rate, so as to reduce the intensity of manual operation, and the operation efficiency and effect will be more remarkable."

Ping Shenming also told: "uncle and aunt are people's habitual cognition of environmental sanitation workers. Nowadays, environmental sanitation work is gradually developing towards science and technology and intelligence, and the knowledge literacy of environmental sanitation workers also needs to be further improved. In the future, we will build a knowledgeable and young environmental sanitation team."

with the further promotion of the marketization of environmental sanitation in Zhengzhou, Yutong heavy industry will also actively expand the market-oriented operation business of environmental sanitation and actively seek mm; Seek cooperation opportunities with the government in the field of market-oriented operation in garbage removal and transportation, indoor cleaning and other fields

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