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UPM will start a new business structure from December 1 (I)

UPM will open 1 in autumn The intensity of the experiment and the accuracy of the measurement depend on the steps and links in the experimental process to start a new business structure. In the future, the company will be composed of three business areas: 1) energy and pulp, 2) paper, and 3) composite materials. Previously, the company was composed of five business departments. The change will take effect on December 1st, 2008. The current organizational structure will continue to operate until the change takes effect

the business environment will continue to change and the situation will be more severe. In the face of these challenges, UPM responded by adopting a new business structure to improve its own capabilities and enhance the company's competitive advantage. Our goal is to create a structure and leadership model to lay the foundation for a strong and independent field oriented operation in the three business areas. Mr. Bei Songning, President and CEO of UPM group, said

components of the energy and pulp business specifically include pulp mills in Finland, hydropower assets, and the company's shares in associated pulp and energy companies. This business area also covers forestry, timber procurement and sawmilling. Biofuels and the development of biofuels will also belong to this business area

Mr. Tapio korpeinen has been appointed president of the energy and pulp business. Mr. Tapio korpeinen, 45, master of engineering, master of business administration, currently serves as the senior vice president of UPM strategic planning

we have taken the lead in this field and made great investment. The result is convincing. The prospects for growth and development remain promising. We need to introduce a more market-oriented approach to this business area and improve the transparency of these businesses among investors. Mr. korpeinen said

the composition of the paper business includes magazine paper, cultural and specialty paper, and paper. Mr. Jyrki ovaska has now been appointed president of the paper business. Mr. Jyrki ovaska, 49, master of engineering, currently serves as the president of UPM magazine paper department

the integration of the current three paper divisions can not only speed up decision-making, but also further streamline the process. In order to improve our profit margin, we will develop a new customer-centric business model 2014 style and strengthen our supply chain management. UPM has an excellent opportunity to strengthen its cost leadership strategy by optimizing resources, production and investment. Mr. ovaska said so

the composite business consists of self-adhesive label materials, plywood, wood plastic composites and RFID label business. Mr. Jussi Vanhanen has been appointed as the president of composite materials business by adopting the world's most popular high-level language to write and upgrade software. Mr. Jussi Vanhanen, 36, master of law, master of business administration, is currently the senior vice president of UPM label Europe

UPM intends to increase the proportion of these businesses with rapid growth and high added value in the company. More importantly, these businesses are based on the company's proprietary technology. Exploring opportunities for growth in these business areas requires not only a high degree of agility and flexibility, but also a firm development strategy. Mr. Vanhanen said

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