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in May 2007, Shida computer equipment Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Shida peripherals), the main subsidiary of Shida group, officially signed a cooperation agreement with digital China Management System Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as DCMs), introducing Yituo ERP management system and workflow system to promote the upgrading of enterprise information management. It is expected that the new ERP system will bring new development impetus to Shida peripherals, and further strengthen its competitiveness in the field of commercial peripherals while standardizing enterprise management and improving operation efficiency. The economic investment of the whole informatization construction has reached millions of yuan, which shows the determination and confidence of Shida peripherals to seek development with the help of informatization management

up to now, it has been more than a year since the successful online application of Yituo ERP in Shida peripherals, and it has become a powerful tool indispensable to the daily operation of the company. As general manager Zeng Kaizhong said, ERP is not everything, but it is absolutely impossible without ERP

On June 22nd, 1988, Shida computer company was established in Fuzhou. The three original intentions of entrepreneurs are: to try a system so that intellectuals can get reasonable remuneration through their own labor; Create a mechanism to quickly convert scientific research achievements into commodities; Establish a brand and participate in international competition. On August 8, 1996, "Shida computer" stock (600734) was listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange, becoming the first listed IT enterprise. The group also has more than 20 subsidiaries such as Shida peripherals, Shida PC, Shida Luo, Shida electronics, and has become one of the top economic pillar enterprises in Fuzhou. Among them, Shida peripherals is the flagship subsidiary of the group

Shida peripherals has always attached importance to the scientific management and independent innovation of enterprises. Since its establishment 20 years ago, its various businesses have always maintained rapid and steady growth, and the market share of terminal products has also been maintained at about 40%. Among them, the sales volume of printers with independent technology exceeds 80%, and technological innovation has always been in the forefront of domestic peers. In terms of information construction, the company is also regarded as a pioneer in the industry. It used UFIDA finance in 1995, began to contact and use Kaisi ERP in 1997, developed a set of sales management system by itself in 1999, launched a self-developed customer service management system in 2001, and was rated as a demonstration enterprise of manufacturing information application in Fujian Province in 2003. So far, the company has invested 40 to 50 million yuan in informatization, of which software investment accounts for half

Yu Qiaoming, manager of Shida peripheral information center, said that the company copied the Kaisi ERP system from Shida computer group in 1997, which is in parallel with multiple systems such as sales, customer service and finance. It is difficult to have data interaction between various systems, forming an information island. Over the years, the information center has been updating and adjusting the sales and customer service system. Due to the promulgation and implementation of the new accounting standards, there are more stringent requirements for the financial system of listed companies, so it is necessary to replace and upgrade the financial information system and the corresponding software and hardware facilities. Based on this opportunity, the leaders of the company decided to build a large ERP system to build an overall platform for the whole informatization. Through the comparison of prices, the functions of software products, implementation risks, successful cases and other investigations, the easy extension ERP of DCMs, with its powerful management function for the electronic manufacturing industry and the advantages of complete modules such as inventory, finance, production, procurement and Bi, finally won the bidding. At the same time, the purchase of Shida peripherals also needs to mark the workflow system of Digital China on the data of the experimental results

pay and return coexist

manager Yu, who has worked in Shida for more than six years, has been responsible for the maintenance of the company's information systems. As a CIO, the responsibility of leading the implementation of ERP naturally fell on his shoulders, and the leaders gave him enough authority to promote the smooth progress of the project. Manager Yu knows that the connection and coordination between it and business is what ERP project managers need to do. It dominance often leads to alienation from business and project failure. Business dominance will also make it become a vassal, lose value, and increase the difficulty of implementation. Therefore, successful ERP implementation requires the project leader to coordinate all departments like a lubricant, and also requires the independent cooperation of all departments

since May 2007, manager Yu has led colleagues in the IT department and consultants of DCMs to carry out various trainings for the company's employees for more than 60 working days, including targeted on-the-job training, system function training and data simulation training. Examinations are also specially set up for trainees, and the examination results are published, which are directly linked to benefits. Among them, the training of the manufacturing part takes the most time. Because of this, when the MRP (material demand plan) is calculated online later, the accuracy rate reaches more than 90%, which greatly reduces the error and the time and manpower required to adjust the error in the fields of construction, decoration, furniture, advertising and so on. This result makes the emergency plan prepared by the IT department useless

when recalling the unforgettable implementation experience, manager Yu said that the first month was MRP, and the two planners kept adjusting. In the morning of the first day after the launch, he specially came to the post very early. According to general experience, the first day was when the most problems occurred. I thought 4 He was overwhelmed by the regular replacement of sealing rings in various departments, but he received only twoorthree of them after work, and they were all solved smoothly, and there were not as many problems as he thought. Because the manufacturing department did a good job in preparation, they all switched to the new system after 19 days in parallel

the financial department is the Department that suffered the most impact and changes in the whole process of the project, and it is also the Department that benefited the most. According to Chief Financial Officer Yang Jieju, because the informatization foundation of the original company is relatively solid, everyone is an expert in accounting computerization and computer application. Using the original UFIDA financial system for many years, they have long been used to the original operation process and the original operation interface, so they have great resistance to the new system. Especially for the old accountant with more than ten years of work experience, when the program changes, all operations need to be familiar with and used to again, so it needs a relatively difficult process. The first three months were the most difficult period for the financial department, and there were some problems in cost calculation. At that time, they often checked the data after 12 o'clock in the evening. After the training, the light in the financial room was often on after 10 o'clock. It was the financial staff who were inputting documents and familiar with the system. The director urged them to eat and drive them home, but they refused to leave by themselves

all the efforts have been rewarded. Three months later, a financial supervisor said, "at first, I thought this system was too difficult to use, but after using it, I found it was really convenient and easy to use." Now the financial status of each branch can be monitored in real time through the system, and the consolidation of group statements can be completed automatically on the statements. In the past, it was necessary to manually copy and paste the data of more than 20 companies one by one, and more than 120 copies of six forms were needed, which required a lot of mechanical duplication. Now, the workload of financial personnel is obviously much easier. The previous report was made on the 15th of each month after working overtime. Now it can be calculated before the 10th, five days in advance

integrated applications improve not only efficiency

Shida peripherals mainly produce printers and terminals. Unlike other electronic manufacturing enterprises that produce according to order, it is mainly produced in inventory and generally stores 2 to 3 months' stock. Because the purchase cycle of some imported accessories is long, it usually needs to make a sales forecast three months in advance, which is summarized by each branch to the headquarters, and then the headquarters arranges the purchase and production according to the total amount. The inventory of key raw materials and finished products is large, reaching more than 100 million yuan. The controllability of the whole procurement has been standardized and enhanced through the current Yituo system setting

the original purchase process is only the next purchase order in the system. The price of paper documents is evaluated outside the system. The price evaluation is inconsistent with the purchase management, and there are great loopholes in the management of the purchase phase. In the current Yituo ERP system, price evaluation is the first step. With price evaluation, we can go to the next step of purchase. Without price evaluation, we can't go to the next step and purchase. When the price changes, the manager of the purchasing department will review it in the system and place a new order. In the past, the purchase department reviewed the paper price evaluation documents and the general manager signed them. The process was very long and cumbersome. People often ran up and down with the documents to find leaders to sign. Now the price of the accounting order and the price of the purchase order are accurate and consistent, and the update frequency is much faster than before

Yituo has perfect settings for the reservation analysis of the entire inventory value. According to the inventory and other data, the demand for raw materials can be quickly calculated. The purchase order is made according to the material, which integrates more advanced design concepts and manufacturing technology in the research and development of experimental machine fixtures. Now the factors considered in MRP are more sufficient than before, increasing the consideration and management of alternative materials. In addition, MRP used to take 48 hours, but now it only takes half an hour. It used to take days to calculate the cost, but now it only takes 15 minutes. Now the source of BOM management is the R & D department. After receiving the engineering R & D order and change order, the BOM configuration is carried out, and then the production department calculates the results according to the production tasks under the BOM, which is more accurate and more referential

manager Yu said that the advantage now lies in integration, which breaks the information island between multiple systems in the past. The most obvious effect is the integration of logistics and finance. Before, after running in the old ERP system, you had to manually record documents and vouchers. If you want to see more details in the system, you must enter more details. Now on the unified platform, you only need to record one voucher, and the other parts are automatically completed, significantly reducing the workload

it is particularly worth mentioning that the implementation of ERP system has improved the entire IT department, not only improving the position of the information department in the enterprise, but also helping it personnel grow rapidly. In the past, the IT department was just a logistics service department, which rarely participated in the company's operation planning. It was very similar at the end of each year, so it was difficult to improve. Now based on the ERP platform, it personnel have a relatively in-depth understanding of the operation of the company's business departments and will participate in the company's business processes. The CIO's own vision has also been greatly broadened. Manager Yu said that in the process of implementing and applying ERP, he also has a more in-depth and comprehensive understanding of Finance and sales, not just it

manager Yu said that the launch and application of Yituo ERP management system will bring the operational research management of Shida peripherals into a new stage of development. There are still many functions that Yituo can mine. Under this management system, information means will further go deep into research and development, production, sales, logistics, service and other links. At present, Shida peripherals are implementing workflow system to realize paperless office in the company. After the integration with Yituo, it is planned to launch the HR system. In the next three to four years, we will continue to promote and promote the upgrading of management system, and gradually extend informatization to all corners of the company, providing a strong impetus for the sustainable operation of SATA peripherals. (end)

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