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TCL 65a880u 65 inch 4K full screen ultra-thin high-definition TV evaluation, start with the evaluation

TCL hot selling 65 inch TV recommendation: TCL 65a880u 65 inch 4K full screen ultra-thin high-definition artificial intelligence flat-panel LCD TV this has a full screen, 7.9MM ultra-thin, artificial intelligence control function. How about the specific functions of this TV, and whether it is good or not? The following is a detailed comment on the configuration characteristics of this TV, the advantages and disadvantages of users' use, I hope it can help friends in need

I. how about the function of TCL 65a880u 65 inch 4K TV

65a880u adopts an integrated extremely narrow frame, which is ultra narrow and ultra-thin, and is wrapped with electro galvanized steel The all metal base company always believes that "the technology is advanced and the texture is great. The remote control is small. But the test pig who is used to the minimalist remote control always feels embarrassed by the extra cross keys. He often presses the wrong cross keys... He will adapt, he will adapt... In addition, the whole piece behind the remote control is the back cover, which is a little troublesome to tear down." check the latest TCL 65a880u friends' comments "

now the TV manufacturers think that" narrowness is beauty " Your pursuit is really extreme to the point of metamorphosis Here is a detailed display of its ultra-thin frame: after measuring with a ruler, the thinnest part is only 1cm (please refer to the reference iphone5s in the figure), the thickest part of the back is only 6cm (the product introduction page is 7.9cm, and the circle behind is circular arc, which may not be measured manually), and the hanging wall is completely automatic

provide 3 HDMI interfaces, 2 USB interfaces to set 1 target temperature and humidity point (no blue 3.0 interface), 1 tricolor wire interface, 1 wire interface and 1 antenna interface. For me, two HDMI and one USB are enough for daily use

II. Configuration can be roughly summarized into two points: setting parameters:

Product Name: TCL 65a880u

III. user comments on advantages and disadvantages:

advantages: 1. Beautiful screen color, high resolution, and good looking. 2. The sound effect of the conchs sound sound system is great, and the bass is not broken. 3. Rich film and television resources, this can feed me, satisfied. 4. Intelligent voice remote control, the elderly and children can also command the TV. You can ask any question. High speech recognition and smart

disadvantages: 1. The operating memory is slightly low. At present, 2G is the standard configuration of large screen TVs above 55 inches on the market. I don't understand why TCL is 1.5g. 2. The system starts slowly, and it can stand by for more than 30 seconds. We look forward to continuing to optimize the system. 3. The feet of the base are not padded and are as sharp as knives Move the TV cabinet once and leave a scar Pay attention. Suggestion: the best feeling of far field call is that the clearance password of small t can be customized? The four words "little T, little T" are too long:) 2017/11/26 a little yellow chicken

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