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TCN launched a cloud based call center competition analysis product

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CTI Forum (ctiforum2, problems in Anyang Industrial Development.Com) news on June 17 (compilation/Lao Qin): TCN, a cloud based call center technology provider, released TCN competition analysis, a comprehensive analysis package about its TCN platform 3.0 call center suite

with such a high-capacity data analysis tool, the contact center no longer relies on expensive consultants and spends months discussing how to improve productivity, said Terrel bird, CEO and co-founder of TCN. We are pleased to introduce TCN competitive analysis products to our customers as a complete solution, which will promote better decisions and allow action in a few minutes. We can start the hydraulic pump signal. This tool will help to make it easy to carry out data mining and predictive analysis, so as to transform the call center

the analysis package is designed for enterprises, contact centers, information collection agencies and business process outsourcing companies

including cost forecasting, employee forecasting and tracking of seat productivity and performance

the company can also understand the overall situation of implementation. They can see the seat strategy, manual strategy, and the performance of incoming and outgoing calls

since TCN competitiveness analysis products are part of TCN's existing platform 3.0, customers can't become accurate results without installing any other software. The whole solution is cloud based

the company said that this analytical product is easier than using manual spreadsheets, and it is more convenient to eliminate calculation errors, which enriches the reality of the existing call center and avoids the indicators and data reports when the chemical components of plastic packaging interact with beer

the company said that through analysis, enterprises can improve their efficiency and employ fewer people

tcn cited a study conducted by Ventana research last year, which found that 52% of people in enterprises use spreadsheets for analysis, and 57% believe that spreadsheets are difficult to produce timely and accurate analysis results. Only 15% were satisfied with the analytical methods and results currently used

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