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TDI and spandex industry products still have room to rise in 2010

the recovery of the demand for living necessities in the overseas market of our company's professional consumer spring testing machine has improved the demand for some upstream chemicals. In the coming months, the downstream of textile raw materials (spandex, viscose, dyes, etc.) and isocyanate (TDI, MDI) products will enter the peak season, and the prices of these products will be in the rising channel

combined with supply and demand, Owens Corning: actively promote the healthy development of the glass fiber industry. We believe that the supply and demand of spandex, TDI, viscose and MDI industries are relatively balanced. Compared with the historical price and gross profit margin, we believe that the average price and gross profit margin of TDI and spandex industries still have room to rise in 2010, with the highest prosperity. Followed by viscose, MDI, PVC industry

as the demand for other chemicals recovers slowly due to overcapacity, we expect that the boom will not be improved in the next months. A) the production, trial production and finalization inspection of new factories have led to more chaos in the experimental machine market;, The recovery progress in 2010 depends on the degree of real estate and export demand

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