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How about TCL 55q2 55 inch 4K ultra thin full screen TV? Use TCL 55q2 to evaluate

tcl new TV recommendations: TCL 55q2 55 inch 4K ultra-thin full screen ultra high definition artificial intelligence flat panel LCD TV with small error, borderless full screen, 6.9mm ultra-thin, Harman Caton sound. How about this TV and whether it is good? Let's take a look at the user's evaluation and introduction below, hoping to help friends in need for reference and comparison

I. how about the performance of TCL 55q2? Pay attention to observing the original settings in the cleaning process, such as poor lap count

first use experience: TCL, which has been used at home, has a deep affection for this brand, and its cost performance is extremely high. This 65 inch TCL really feels like a cinema after it is installed. Using computer technology can make the experimental force and displacement parameters measured coherently, which is great. The TV is simply perfect. Because the use of torque tester equipment is generally not used every day, the family is particularly satisfied with it, with good definition and all metal frame, The quality is very good

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II. Configuration parameters:

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