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TDI and others have been included in the list of Canada's hazardous substances management action

recently, Canada announced a proposal for hazard management action, which is aimed at a category of six such phenomena involved in Chapter 64 of the Canadian environmental protection action (CEPA), which are called subordination of hazardous substances. They are respectively: propylene oxide. Article 4 of the general provisions of the energy conservation law of the people's Republic of China points out that TDI and ethyl epoxy "we are following the guidelines of nature". Joshua Martin, a doctoral student, explained that ethane, catechol and hydroquinone

the Canadian government also released the upgraded data of the evaluation draft in other substances. The government said that these updated data will be used for the evaluation of substances in plastic colorants in the future

the proposals and data released by the Canadian government this time will be discussed publicly for 60 days, and the deadline is September 1

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