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TCL packaging supplier talks about color TV packaging

recently, I interviewed manager Wang Haihai of Guangdong TCL Huatong paper products (Huizhou) Co., Ltd., a manufacturer supporting Guangdong TCL TV packaging, and asked him to talk about the production of Huatong products

: what packaging materials does your company mainly provide for Guangdong TCL? What are the characteristics of these packaging materials

Wang Haihai (hereinafter referred to as Wang): our company mainly produces EPS lined packaging and corrugated box products, which match the packaging of TV sets in the group with today's world economic trend sets; EPS packaging material has the advantages of light weight, low price and good elasticity, and can be widely used in electronic products, ceramics, toys, construction and other industries. Corrugated boxes have been widely used as the outer packaging of various products

: what are the primary conditions for purchasing packaging materials? Are you satisfied with the current packaging

Wang: first of all, we should consider whether the packaging materials are cheap in quality and price and meet the requirements of the social environment; Satisfied with the current packaging; However, EPS packaging used now is a good packaging material in terms of performance characteristics, because it has not done a good job in recycling, causing environmental pollution

: what is the improvement of the current product? For example, whether new technologies such as paper honeycomb should be applied to products

Wang: the improvement of packaging products by enterprises is mainly to reduce costs; As for honeycomb paperboard, I think it is a new type of packaging material, which can be promoted and promoted by waste foam granulator and foam granulator of Enterprises above the production range. But I think nothing is omnipotent. If there are advantages, there must be disadvantages. Therefore, I think after-sales should discuss more about how to use it. As long as customers need our supporting enterprises, we can act immediately

: what is the annual demand (or consumption) of your company's various packaging materials? Is there an upward trend and possibility? How high is the proportion of packaging materials in operating funds

Wang: the company needs 3000 tons of EPS raw materials and 5000 tons of paperboard every year, and the purchase amount accounts for about 70% of the sales revenue. At present, there is still an upward trend; We have clear quality requirements for each material, and the supplier must propose to require delivery

: do you think the current mechanical equipment can meet the production needs

Wang: at present, our mechanical equipment can basically meet the requirements of the market. With the increase of the market, we will add some necessary equipment, such as cardboard production line, printing machine, molding machine, etc

: how does your company cooperate with Guangdong TCL? In what principle

Wang: at present, we operate in an independent manner. Of course, if there are partners who can provide markets and funds, it is the best; As a packaging enterprise, the first is quality, the second is value, and then service; In the process of enterprise operation, we follow the customer's standards and refer to national standards at the same time

: do you want to introduce some new projects recently

Wang: if we want to prepare new packaging products, I think the first project is paper plastic packaging. The first consideration is that the equipment is mature, the process is reliable, the price is reasonable, and domestic equipment is sufficient. (wuzhihong)

excerpted from packaging and related industry information

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