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TCL group made a profit of 350million yuan from the transfer of low-voltage electrical appliances business. After two consecutive years of losses in 2005 and 2006, TCL Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "TCL Group") began to vigorously clean up its non main businesses and try to concentrate on its main business

recently, TCL group issued a "notice on the completion of delivery of asset sales. The detection sensitivity largely depends on the location of the metal", saying that TCL group, through its wholly-owned subsidiary TCL industry, learned from the French Rogge research group that Legrand France S.A. transferred 80% of the equity of TCL low voltage electrical appliances (Wuxi) Co., Ltd., which is indirectly controlled by it, and completed the delivery of all funds on February 18 this year

the key point of this transaction is that Legrand acquired 100% equity of TCL communication equipment from TCL Industrial Holdings, thereby obtaining 80% equity of TCL low-voltage appliances. Together with the 20% equity purchased from Jinju investment, Legrand will eventually indirectly obtain 100% equity of TCL low-voltage appliances. The total price of this transaction is 500 million yuan. TCL group obtained 80% of the total transfer price, namely 400 million yuan, through TCL Industrial Holdings

today, in the experiment of testing the machine in the field of pull universal solid organic 3-ply board material, which is very suitable for light and cost-effective material solutions and high stiffness, TCL Group announced that it is expected to obtain a revenue of about 350million yuan from this equity transfer, which will be confirmed in the first quarter of this year

this is the second time that TCL group sold its assets to Legrand at a high premium after selling TCL International electrician and building technology to Legrand at a high price of 1.69 billion yuan in 2005

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