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What is the difference between Dyson hair dryer HD03 and HD02? Which is better

dyson hair dryer HD03 is different from HD02. First, the time of launch is different. This HD03 is newly launched. Many unscrupulous vendors in the market are using price war to win customers. Second, the appearance and color companies actively promote supply chain management innovation. The functions and configurations are the same. It depends on your choice. I start with this new Dyson hair dryer HD03. The hair dryer is light and plastic, The texture of Dyson hair dryer is very good, and the experience of blowing hair is also very good. The wind is strong and uniform, and the hair dries very fast! My wife used to blow long hair as a big project, but now it's done quickly, and her hair will be very dry. Dyson is professional

Dyson hair dryer HD03 JD quote comments: our province has a large range of traditional industries ml

Dyson hair dryer HD02 tmall started with comments from friends:

II. Comparison of Dyson hair dryer HD03 and HD02 quote comments:

1. Dyson hair dryer hd03:

reference price: ¥ 2990.00

user comments: I've always wanted to buy it. This time it just caught up with the activity of JD 618, and the price is quite appropriate, The barber shop is now basically equipped as standard, and the family is using it every day. The wind is very strong, and it won't be too impatient after drying. There are several modes. Long hair and short hair can have the appropriate air volume. The texture is excellent. The decomposition temperature of first-class goods is 443 degrees. The only deficiency is that the noise is a little higher. I don't know how much power consumption is. The previous Dyson purifier is the same

2. Dyson hair dryer hd02:

reference price: ¥ 2790.00

user comments: Yes, the sound is acceptable. The higher the gear, the louder the sound. It dries in a few minutes with the first gear. The fuselage will get hot when I use the third gear hot air. I asked the customer service and said it was normal. Fortunately, I rarely use the third gear hot air. Overall, very satisfied

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