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Competition, cooperation, and joint profits create a soft pack pack pack pack pack pack pack pack pack pack pack pack pack pack pack pack pack pack pack pack pack pack pack pack pack pack pack pack pack pack pack pack pack pack pack pack pack pack pack pack pack pack pack pack pack pack pack pack pack pack pack pack pack pack pack pack pack pack pack pack pack pack pack pack pack pack pack pack pack pack pack pack pack pack pack pack pack pack pack pack pack pack pack. Energy, environmental protection, security, informatization, globalization, these keywords appear again and again. Facing the changing world, what can soft packaging enterprises do

the non renewable nature of oil has doomed the scarcity of resources. CNOOC's bid for Unocal is also an important step in China's resource strategy. The flexible packaging enterprises that rely heavily on upstream oil also feel cool. Is the winter coming for the flexible packaging enterprises? Will this winter be colder and longer? In the face of the cold winter, are we fighting alone or together? Perhaps the wolves are more likely to survive

the real wolves attach importance to cooperation, communicate all the time, keep learning, and win with their majors, so as to obtain the highest value. Soft packaging enterprises can form formal or informal codes of conduct and practices by strengthening the close relationship between senior leaders of enterprises, so as to establish a close cooperative relationship between them, reduce the opportunistic tendency, and reduce the risk and cost of cooperation. The sincere cooperation among soft packaging enterprises can create more power than the simple sum of the power of a single enterprise. When cooperating with end customers, the "wolf effect" can increase the possibility of success

the real wolves participate in the competition as a whole, actively alliance, and finally succeed. With the development of soft packaging industry cluster, the cooperation among enterprises needs to be further standardized. The emergence of industry alliance can coordinate the relationship between competition and cooperation. The establishment of soft package alliance is of great help to standardize competition and promote communication. China flexible plastic packaging industry joint center came into being under this background. The center has received extensive response and support from the national soft packaging enterprises. It is believed that such a standardized industry organization will play a good platform role in promoting the counter clearing cooperation, exchange, innovation, overall publicity, cluster development, and improving industrial and regional competitiveness of the soft packaging industry

therefore, the real wolves are not simply gathered. Trust, cooperation and mutual benefit are the way to win

entering the "CEO Forum" of this issue, we will invite industry competent departments, soft package manufacturers, and suppliers who are indispensable for the development and utilization of non-metallic materials to have an extensive and in-depth discussion on the issue of "profit or profit", hoping to give you a bird's eye view of the soft package market and make a positive attempt to grasp the industry dynamics

Wuchunming, manager of the packaging department, "at present, it is difficult for small and medium-sized soft packaging enterprises with scattered distribution to realize the real linkage mechanism in consideration of profits. However, due to the imperfect operation mechanism of domestic industry associations, it is also another sticking point that prevents China's soft packaging industry from realizing enterprise linkage and Industry Alliance."

as the flexible packaging industry does not involve many high and new technologies, and the entry threshold is relatively low, it is easy to form a family workshop business model, resulting in a large number of private speculative capital. At present, it is difficult to unite such small family workshop enterprises, because these enterprises do not have modern systems and management norms, and it is difficult to reach a unified management model in terms of mechanism. Relatively speaking, some large enterprises, such as Shanghai Zijiang, Foshan fosu, Nanjing Zhongda, etc., are easier to realize enterprise linkage because of their relatively perfect management system and strong complementarity between their products. They can resist the competition of foreign peers through the integration of advantageous forces. What's more, these enterprises themselves are the product of linkage mechanism. Group companies are often composed of many subsidiaries below, forming a more stable form of enterprise alliance. Taking Zijiang group as an example, many of its enterprises are joint ventures with other enterprises, with a wide range of products. They are typical enterprise consortiums. Similar alliances will face many difficulties when implemented among small enterprises with immature mechanisms. Most small-scale soft packaging enterprises are fighting for pure profits and pay more attention to reducing costs rather than improving processes and increasing efficiency. The result of such a single soldier operation is to launch a price war rashly and form vicious competition among industries, which goes back and forth. Under such circumstances, it is less likely to unite such small enterprises based on the consideration of net profit (rather than the development environment of the whole industry and the medium - and long-term prospects). Even if there is a so-called "strategic alliance", it cannot continue for a long time due to the deviation of interests and values, and there are many unstable factors

another defect in the development of domestic soft packaging industry lies in the interaction and cooperation with industry associations. At present, there is a big gap in the role of trade associations at home and abroad. Most of the foreign trade associations are composed of industry professionals (or employees of member enterprises), and most of the services they provide are free, without interest competition, which makes them really play a role in association, organizing, publishing information and helping enterprises develop. In contrast, domestic trade associations, because of their late start and some unique attributes of the flexible packaging industry, have not really played their due role systematically and completely

the last factor detrimental to the joint development of domestic upholstery industry and enterprises is that the prices of raw materials necessary for the production of the upholstery industry - Plastics, particles, pulp, etc. fluctuate greatly and frequently, resulting in the production costs of upholstery enterprises often difficult to control, and the profits and industry prospects are uncertain. This also shakes the foundation and confidence of domestic upholstery enterprises in the joint development


Ling Miao, deputy manager of marketing department of Wenhua Color Printing Co., Ltd., "with the transfer of cost pressure from upstream and downstream enterprises, the further tightening of industrial regulations, and the fierce competition brought about by globalization, domestic upholstery enterprises can only go out of the 'Huashan Road' if they stick together."

downstream service industries of flexible packaging enterprises, such as food, daily chemical, pharmaceutical and other industries, are also facing fierce market competition. They hope to make profits from their suppliers, i.e. soft packaging enterprises. The upstream suppliers of soft packaging enterprises also need capital turnover, so they can only transfer the uncertain costs generated by changes to the soft packaging enterprises. Soft packaging enterprises are squeezed up and down. If the linkage mechanism is not adopted, it is difficult to resist this kind of left-right attack

with the increasingly prominent food safety, the QS admittance system for food quality and safety has been implemented. Will the next admittance be the safety admittance of the food packaging industry? This has been implemented in drug packaging, and the access period of food packaging will not be too long

environmental protection is also an important problem that puzzles the development of flexible packaging industry. At present, most of China's flexible packaging products are non degradable. It is an unavoidable duty for flexible packaging enterprises to classify and treat packaging wastes. Just how to protect the environment without increasing costs? What do soft packaging enterprises need to do

globalization also brings not only better goods and more choices, but also trade disputes and barriers. How can local flexible packaging enterprises cope with the influx of flexible packaging multinational groups like wolves and tigers? While opening the door of opportunity for Chinese enterprises, it also makes us face more competition. Of course, we can also go out, but what is the result of going it alone. as one can imagine. Moreover, Europe has already started anti-dumping investigation on China's polyethylene shopping bags. How Chinese enterprises respond positively and how to use the rules of the game to protect their own interests are perplexing our upholstery enterprises

there is only one way to solve these problems. We should stick together and face them together. In my opinion, the implementation of industry alliance and enterprise linkage is the inevitable choice for the development of soft packaging


outlook group

President Joseph J. baksha

"in this era of low-cost competition, the implementation of enterprise linkage mechanism can realize resource sharing, information exchange, explore new markets, and finally achieve a win-win situation."

the implementation of enterprise linkage mechanism will help enterprises open new markets. Information technology sharing brought about by cooperation can make the original competitiveness of enterprises to a higher level. Take Outlook Group as an example. After cooperating with aviso, the new technology obtained from the other company makes the packaging film thinner, more durable and cheaper than the currently used one. The cooperation not only brings Outlook Group into the food packaging market, but also brings new business opportunities to other products of our group, such as printing labels. The cooperation with aviso makes us take a big step in supply chain management

in this era of low-cost competition, cooperation will undoubtedly benefit both sides in this respect. After the successful cooperation between outlook and aviso, the new technology jointly launched by them has provided customers with an opportunity to continuously reduce production costs. At the same time, it also greatly improves the market share and popularity of the group company, which is a win-win result

in this regard, our partners also believe that new technologies are urgently needed in the industry to provide more efficient and cheaper packaging films. And cooperation can undoubtedly achieve this goal. Cooperation can provide customers of both sides with more efficient packaging methods, allowing cheese producers to make more profits from the packaging film with increased strength but reduced cost


oracle packaging company

ceo Ott dickman

"the linkage mechanism helps drive enterprises to expand their scale and enhance their influence in the industry."

linkage mechanism helps enterprises to open up new markets, thus bringing new development opportunities to enterprises. This cooperation with R.J Reynolds packaging company gives us the opportunity to expand the packaging field we have always hoped to enter, that is, the most prosperous and fastest-growing flexible packaging field in the industry. Oracle successfully acquired the packaging plant of R.J Reynolds packaging company in Winston Sharon, North Carolina, giving Oracle the opportunity to expand its business in the flexible packaging industry. This kind of benign cooperation between enterprises has not only brought a large number of powerful customers to the enterprise, including many of the world's top 500 food and health products enterprises, but also injected new vitality into the development of the company. At the same time, a production team composed of more than 650 employees has greatly expanded the enterprise scale of Oracle

the cooperation between enterprises improves the company's development ability in the flexible packaging industry, and also gives the company the opportunity to form a linkage mechanism with large companies in the industry, so as to attract more leading enterprises in food, daily chemicals and medicine to become their loyal customers, and even the company can become a first-class enterprise in the packaging industry

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