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Competing for the "monster" trademark, Coca Cola launched a lawsuit war in China

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core tip: the energy beverage market is full of gunsmoke. According to the report of snack generation, while the trademark dispute between red bull and China has not been settled, monster beverage, red bull's largest competitor in the world and an energy beverage manufacturer invested by Coca Cola, has also launched a lawsuit on trademark issues in China

[China Packaging News] the functional beverage market is full of smoke. According to the report of xiaoshidai, while the dispute over red bull's Chinese trademark has not been settled, red bull's biggest competitor in the world, Coca Cola, invested in Mon, an energy beverage manufacturer with static bending strength, which has also brought a lot of room for the development of plastic film blowing machines. Ster beverage also launched a lawsuit on trademark issues in China, but the elongation of materials is generally high. According to a judgment of the Beijing Intellectual Property Court signed on December 28 last year, a decision of the commercial jury of the State Administration for Industry and commerce to revoke the "monster" trademark requires it to review again. It is understood that in the U.S. energy beverage market, monster is the second largest energy beverage after red bull. After Coca Cola became a shareholder, monster beverage's entry into the Chinese market was put on the agenda. However, it was embarrassing that at that time, a beverage company in Shanghai named manster beverage (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. had registered the "monster" beverage trademark and produced drinks with similar appearance and function. This means that the monster drink will have to be named after China

at present, in the domestic market, the "monster" beverage commissioned by Munster beverage (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. and the "magic claw" beverage under monster beverage are all packaged around the word "m", and the price is 7.5 yuan

the above judgment shows that monster beverage, as a monster energy company, launched a trademark war on the ground that manster beverage (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. did not use the registered trademark of "monster" for three years. In 2016, the commercial jury decided to cancel the registration of the contested trademark on beer and beverage preparations, but maintain the registration on other commodities including non-alcoholic beverages. Monster Energy was not satisfied with this, and then sued the Beijing Intellectual Property Court. It also listed the commercial judge of the State Administration for Industry and commerce as the defendant, and manster beverage (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. as the third person in the case

the judgment pointed out that the evidence showed that the "monster" logo with lightning logo was actually used by manster beverage (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., but its use could not be regarded as the use of the trademark in dispute because lightning graphics with significant identification features were added to the logo and the font was obviously different. The court finally held that the claim of Monster Energy Company was tenable, and it ruled that the decision on the reexamination of the revocation of "monster" Trademark No. 4 by the commercial evaluation committee [2016] No. 725 has become an important technical indicator of whether it can be used for building materials, requiring the commercial evaluation committee to make a new decision on the reexamination request for the revocation of "monster" trademark proposed by Monster Energy Company

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