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What's the difference between ASUS lingyao x vertical and horizontal and X Xiaoyao? Which one has better performance?

ASUS lingyao x vertical and horizontal and X Xiaoyao are both thin and light books produced at the same time. The main difference is that the screen resolution is different. ASUS lingyao x vertical and horizontal resolution is 3300*2200, the screen ratio is 3:2, X Xiaoyao resolution is 3840x2160, the screen ratio is 16:9, and the weight is different. However, according to the current domestic development situation, X vertical and horizontal is 1.35Kg, X Xiaoyao is 1.2kg. Vertical and horizontal is to emphasize the ratio of vertical and horizontal screen of notebook; Carefree is turning two in one. Turning is carefree

aging is also a kind of material that integrates waterproof and thermal insulation. Users comment on the large cooling capacity of ASUS lingyao X. see how many faults there are.

ASUS lingyao x Xiaoyao Jingdong quotation, and see how people evaluate the performance.

ASUS lingyao x Zongheng

ASUS lingyao x Xiaoyao

I. ASUS lingyao x Zongheng quotation and user comments:

1 Reference price: ¥ 8969.00 (JD check the latest activity quotation)

2. User comments:

running speed: fast, it is the efficiency of the 11th generation

screen effect: good effect

heat dissipation performance: good, normal use is OK

appearance: fashionable small upturned heel

lightness: much thinner than the old computer

ASUS lingyao x vertical and horizontal

II ASUS lingyao x Xiaoyao quotation and user comments:

1. Reference price: ¥ 8969.00 (JD. Com views the latest activity quotation)

2. User comments: running speed: the 11th generation new platform is very awesome, and office games are competent

screen effect: the screen is 4K, and the image quality is exquisite and excellent

heat dissipation performance: sufficient heat dissipation for office use

appearance: the appearance is very cool. You can reverse the multi-mode use and do whatever you want

lightness: the emphasis is on lightness and portability. The 1.2kg is excellent

other features: the screen supports touch control, with an intelligent numeric keyboard

elegant in appearance; Then let's take a look at ASUS lingyao x Xiaoyao

III. summary:

ASUS lingyao x Zongheng and X Xiaoyao notebooks are, in general, lightweight notebooks worth starting with. They have high screen resolution and are very thin. It is recommended to start with business office

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