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Competition in China's construction machinery industry should not be beggar thy neighbor

competition in China's construction machinery industry should not be beggar thy neighbor

information on China's construction machinery

Guide: 2008 made in China walk into XCMG dialogue focus 10: competition in China's construction machinery industry should not be beggar thy neighbor

construction machinery industry should not be beggar thy neighbor <, As a state-owned enterprise

2008 "made in China" enters XCMG dialogue focus 10:

don't beggar your neighbor in the competition of China's construction machinery industry

don't beggar your neighbor in the construction machinery industry

: you see the development of state-owned enterprises and the competitive strategy of private enterprises in the past 30 years. As the leader of state-owned enterprises, how do you think of private enterprises? How do they affect our state-owned enterprises now

Wang Min: the construction machinery industry as a whole is very good and harmonious

like this product, construction machinery enterprises are thick and kind. However, some enterprises do, in the Xuzhou dialect, eat the pot and pull the pot. In the light of the organization, he got the technology and talents of state-owned enterprises. In turn, he slandered them. This is not good. Second, as an unwritten rule in our industry, I don't care what you do, and you don't have to ask me what I do. We all develop and communicate with each other. In the past, there were many exchanges in the construction machinery industry, but now everyone is beggar thy neighbor. Enterprises that have made contributions to the country and society, including those that have helped your enterprise, should not adopt a malicious attack attitude. Some enterprises say that they have reached the Guinness Book of records in the United States. I think this is outrageous. Scientific things should pass scientific appraisal. What has reached the Guinness Book of records? Neither laugh nor cry

national standard for electronic universal testing machine

who is the leader in industry integration

: we know that you sat with the bosses of several enterprises in the industry at the 17th National Congress. Can you tell us what you were talking about? Also, do you think the opportunity for industry integration has come? If the opportunity has come, what will XCMG do now? Would you like to play the role of a guide

Wang Min: let's talk about who is the boss. Later, they all said that I was the boss. I said that Mr. Liang was the boss. He was a private enterprise. His market value was very high. His value was 18billion yuan. Later, it was said that Mr. Wang was the eldest, and he was the eldest. Besides, President Zhan has made a good reform. He is also the boss, with four bosses

: is XCMG making some preparations for industry integration

Wang Min: who will be integrated? They all want to see each other's jokes. Now Chinese enterprises have a problem. They all like to see each other's jokes. Except for XCMG, which does not like to see other people's jokes, many enterprises hope that others will have some problems. Who will integrate the three companies in Hunan? The Hunan provincial Party committee and the Hunan provincial government have no choice. The market will not have such an understanding until a certain time

: I communicated with them in Liugong last weekend. We are also talking about industry integration. Because Liugong is willing to be the first loader, his idea is to sit down with the four people and integrate the product category into the first in a product category

Wang Min: I can't be any bigger. No matter how big a country doesn't allow you to integrate, it will monopolize. Now I rely on competition. If I buy another enterprise, it will become 90%, which will be a problem. We can't have more shares. We need to improve our level. In his speech, wangwentao said that this product has a large scale, good efficiency and high market share. The whole world can't find it. In addition to developing a component to support it, the R & D department should support it. It is impossible for any factory to expand its production. If it becomes bigger, there will be problems

no matter who you cooperate with from 2011 to 2018, XCMG first wants to control

: if I let you choose a partner now, would you still choose a financial group like Carlyle? Because you have always said that you are afraid of cooperating with industrial capital, because you are afraid of losing your brand and that they interfere in the management of the enterprise

Wang Min: no matter who it cooperates with, XCMG should first hold shares. Whether it is industrial, financial, domestic or foreign, XCMG holding is absolute

second, XCMG really wants to find partners. Instead of looking for foreigners, we look for Chinese people. It is not important whether it is industrial or financial. The majority of the shares are held by the Chinese

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