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Win Huawei's 8.5 billion orders? Panel industry dark horse enterprises appear

the domestic stock market has soared in recent days, and vicino, the panel maker, has almost risen by the daily limit. The reason is that it is reported that they have won a large number of orders from Huawei. The total amount of orders this year and next year is as high as 8.5 billion yuan. However, vicino subsequently responded that it could not reply because the customer requested confidentiality

last year, Xiaomi released the amazing four seat surround screen mix alpha. The supplier of this screen is vicino. Later, vicino officially announced that it had entered the Huawei supply chain and obtained the supplier code at the end of the year. In March this year, it officially began to supply screens of glory and Nova series. From the end of last year to now, vicino has received 1billion yuan of orders from Xiaomi and 2.5 billion yuan of orders from Huawei, with a revenue of 2.7 billion yuan in 2019

before entering Huawei's supply chain, vicino had provided screens for many enterprises alone. ZTE curved flexible screen supplied by vicino is the first product adopting flexible oncell metal mesh technology in China to give full play to their respective advantages and features. Its screen thickness is 30% less than that of traditional flexible screen, and it is the smallest lower frame of flexible AMOLED screen that can be mass produced in the world

the innovative solutions of vicino OLED products have been recognized by LG, Xiaomi, ZTE, Nubia and other brand customers. The scope of cooperation has been expanded from the original hard screen products to the high-end flexible product market. Vicino OLED products have also entered LG's supply chain and are exclusively supplied to the OLED screens of LG's mass-produced model g8s thin Q

8.5 billion orders

after winning Huawei's 2.5 billion big orders, vicino will continue to win 6billion big orders this year, which means that Huawei's orders to vicino this year and next year will reach 85 billion yuan to build the world's first TPI industrial device

after the release of the news, vicino's share price soared. However, the person in charge of the company subsequently clarified that the company's OLED products have entered the supply chain of many first-line brand customers at home and abroad, and in the normal batch delivery, when the cooperation with a single customer has not yet reached the disclosure standards of relevant rules, the company has not stated in any public materials, and cannot reply due to the confidentiality requirements of customer cooperation

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