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With the rapid development of the carton manufacturing industry, information technology is not only an important tool in the carton manufacturing industry that does not add butter to the lead screws on both sides, but also a competitive magic weapon for enterprises to win

global manufacturing means that businesses set up factories in any part of the world or sub contractingmanufacturers produce products according to the standards of businesses, so as to make full use of cheap resources, free trade environment, skilled labor and geographical advantages close to customers. Since the 1980s, due to the rapid development of electronic technology and means of communication, multinational corporations have been seeking new markets and manufacturing bases. Global manufacturing has become a basic business environment for the survival of the fittest. China's entry into the WTO has added a better note to this development trend. In such a business environment, products and their manufacturing technology, especially for the carton manufacturing industry, are no longer the secret weapons of competition. Improving manufacturing efficiency and providing perfect services are the focus of today's competition

global manufacturing is prone to over concentration of investment and excess production capacity. For example, Malaysia had 18 carton factories in the 1980s, but now it has increased to more than 60. In Singapore, although the number of carton factories has changed little, with the relocation of textile, toy manufacturing and even the recent electrical assembly industry, the carton market is shrinking

due to global manufacturing, customers' requirements are becoming higher and higher. In terms of products, the packaging of electrical and electronic products will require more complex carton structures, including die-cutting and molding, and a variety of partitions in the box; Food packaging also requires more complex printing. In terms of service, manufacturers of electronic components or auto parts will require just in timedelivery. For example, a Singapore e-commerce company requires the carton factory to deliver the goods every two hours from 6 a.m. to 12 p.m

obviously, the role of carton suppliers is no longer just to encourage the R & D, production and use of bio based materials and environmentally friendly packaging products. The carton factory must provide perfect services for customers while doing a good job of cartons, including:

providing suggestions on the specifications of cartons (including supporting partitions, foam cushions, etc.) and even design according to the packaging requirements of customers; Provide customers with timely and accurate order fulfillment or processing, such as delivery, inventory, WIP, and operation plan; Become an organic link in the customer supply chain to help customers achieve their business goals by producing and supplying cartons

manufacturing efficiency is a sign to distinguish between good and bad.

traditionally, many companies set prices according to the expected profits from product cost processing. In the global manufacturing environment, the price of products is determined by the market. Companies should be profitable. Only when meeting customer requirements, can they reduce costs and improve efficiency as much as possible. Figure 1 lists several main ways to reduce costs and make profits in the carton production process

extremely short delivery cycle - the delivery cycle refers to the time from the customer placing the order to the door delivery, including the preparation before production, such as designing the product process flow, entering the order, working plan, printing the work order, etc; Production cycle, such as waiting, setting machine tools, operating machine tools, handling materials, etc; Post production processing, such as warehouse receipt, shipment, loading, printing delivery note, transportation, delivery, etc. Timely delivery can bring unlimited business opportunities to the company

very little base paper loss - base paper accounts for about 50% ~ 70% of the total cost. Every 1% of base paper saved means an increase of 0 5%~0. 7% profit, effectively manage and control the stock loss of base paper, the production loss of corrugated rolled cardboard and the carton forming loss, which can bring huge profits to the company

extremely high machine efficiency - downtime and production quality caused by paper change, cleaning, correction, etc. are the key to restore the experimental machine to its original state, which affects the machine efficiency. We found in our investigation that in many factories, the main machines in the carton processing process, such as die-cutting machines and printing machines, can greatly increase the production capacity without additional investment because of the long downtime and high frequency

extremely low inventory/loss - in order to meet the customer's requirements for timely delivery, inventory is essential. However, the inventory occupies land, money and staff, and may be worn out or scrapped (the customer no longer orders this product). Accurately monitoring the quantity and location of inventory and cleaning up overdue inventory are also factors to reduce costs

the role of information technology

information technology is a powerful weapon for the carton manufacturing industry to achieve low cost and high efficiency. Figure 2 shows the schematic diagram of the CIM computerintegratedmanufacturing system in the corrugated box factory. In the early days, the computer system was mainly used for data processing, such as accounting, document counting and printing delivery notes. The computer integrated manufacturing system focused on assisting users to provide value-added services for their customers

CAD (computeraideddesign) - some software systems, such as artios, IPDS, LaserComb, etc., provide and allow users to establish their own graphic library of carton design and mold, and also provide sample data of famous machine tools

product structure (BOM billofmaterials) and processrouting design - the special software system CIM pack for carton manufacturing industry can help users classify their products and allow users to establish typical product structure and typical process flow for each product. When customers order new products, users can modify the typical design, which greatly shortens the preparation cycle before production

order and delivery management - the computer system can evaluate the new products according to the materials, specifications, dimensions, complexity of process flow, etc. the computer integrated manufacturing system can effectively arrange and record the production, storage and delivery of orders, especially those with timely delivery. In this way, the sales department can see the progress of each order from the computer at any time, so as to take early action against possible deviations from the plan

computer aided operation schedule - according to the delivery date of the order, the required materials and the production capacity of the machine tool, the computer scheduling system will automatically generate the operation schedule, and the production dispatcher will modify it on the electronicplanningboard according to the actual situation of the workshop and the emergency order

improve competitiveness. No matter what management methods or computer systems are introduced, every employee should clarify their purpose to improve the competitiveness of the company. Only in this way, the system can be implemented smoothly and users can maximize the role of the system. Masterpacksdnbhd of Malaysia was awarded the quality management excellence award by the Prime Minister for its outstanding achievements after two years of operation of the computer integrated manufacturing system

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