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Entering the dangerous chemicals market Valin has steadily entered Shandong Province Valin has steadily entered the dangerous chemicals market China Construction machinery information since the national road transport of dangerous goods special rectification, the weak situation of China's road transport enterprises of dangerous goods has been greatly improved, increasingly moving towards the direction of scale, specialization and intensification, and the road transport industry of dangerous goods has developed in a benign and orderly manner

"two years ago, after the particularly serious accident of the leakage and explosion of the east Yellow River oil pipeline, the government carried out several special rectification on the hazardous chemicals industry. Now it is very difficult to approve the transportation qualification of logistics companies. Considering the policy and actual transportation risks, logistics companies will purchase vehicles according to their own ability and do not encourage retail investors to purchase vehicles. The previous market chaos has been rare." Cuirongqi, general manager of Qingdao jinfuxin Automobile Trading Co., Ltd., said: "under the current situation, safety development has risen to a national strategy, which has led to higher requirements for vehicles and more fierce competition in the hazardous chemicals transportation market, especially for heavy trucks. It is not easy to share eggs in the hazardous chemicals transportation market."

"in April, the company purchased 12 Valin cars, two of which were purchased in full, all of which were used to transport liquefied petroleum gas. Some friends in Zhucheng heard that I had bought a new car, and they would come to see me in two days. They were also going to try two cars first." Wanggefei, general manager of Shandong Chengtai Chemical Co., Ltd., said

the dangerous chemicals market is no longer a hard nut to crack. Valin has entered Shandong steadily.

it is not afraid of competition. It describes the market in a rich and colorful way.

"Shandong is a major province of transportation and truck manufacturing. It is conceivable that Valin faces challenges in the Shandong market. However, in recent years, the Shandong market has highly recognized Valin, including large and small logistics companies, group customers, retail investors, etc. we are very confident." Duanwenbo, Shandong Sales Manager of Valin Xingma automobile group, said: "Shandong, as the largest chemical industry province in China, contains a variety of chemical products such as crude oil, product oil, chlor alkali, formic acid, etc., with huge transportation demand. After the intensive operation, the transportation industry will change from the way of mainly solving the problem of insufficient transportation capacity and paying attention to the input of productivity factors to improving the management and technical level, and improving the transportation service capacity and level, so as to achieve high efficiency and safety Full and environment-friendly logistics mode. This non synthetic resin lotion exterior wall coating gb/t 9755 (2) 001 may further improve the requirements for hazardous chemicals transport vehicles and put forward more stringent rules of the game for heavy truck enterprises. "

"I have been acting as an agent for Valin products since 2008. Most of the customers who buy cars in Qingdao are repeat customers. One big customer bought 120 cars one after another. At the beginning, because he didn't dare to 'eat crabs', he only bought 3 cars; after a period of time, he bought 10 more cars; when he bought another car, he had no doubts and only recognized the Valin brand." Cuirongqi said. The experience of buying cars from wait-and-see to trial and then to mass purchase fully demonstrates the reliability of Valin's quality. It can still be recognized by users under the influence of government policies, stricter industry rules and the attack of old brand products

"the characteristics of Valin in Liaocheng market are early entry and large volume. The market share of Dongying, Qingdao, Zhucheng, Jinan and other regions is also gradually increasing. In particular, the launch of the Hanma H6 tractor has not only enriched the product line of Valin, but also further consolidated the special status of the high-end of Valin, which has been listed in the" 1035 "key research plan of the Ministry of science and technology." Duanwenbo said

it is reported that the product design and development of Hamma H6 is based on the characteristics of dangerous goods transportation road conditions, load and other working conditions, so as to meet the requirements of dangerous goods transportation for product reliability and safety, while taking into account the invariable rules of comfort, fuel saving and the minimization of vehicle operating costs

ingenuity in serving customers' needs

"Our company is located in Changyi, Weifang, which has a very broad utilization prospect. Our products include isomerized oil, imported aromatics, MTBE, high-purity isobutylene, etc. since we purchased more than a dozen Valin, the manufacturers and dealers have begun to 'chase and intercept' me from time to time. Their service personnel will call me to ask about the use of the vehicles, and will also visit regularly to train drivers on a series of issues, such as fuel-efficient, safe driving, vehicle maintenance, etc Knowledge and skills. Most importantly, they will also put forward many reasonable suggestions to our company according to their own resources, information, knowledge and skills in the process of communication between the two sides. I often say to them, 'you really should help, and you should help if you shouldn't.' Wanggefei said happily. It is precisely because Valin has provided customers with "zero distance" family service that it can get customers' heartfelt recognition and praise

"The company is mainly engaged in the transportation of liquefied natural gas dangerous chemicals. It runs all over the country. The company now has 100 vehicles, including more than 60 Valin dangerous chemicals vehicles. I am very satisfied with the service performance of Valin. It can meet the needs of customers on call. Especially for door-to-door maintenance, as long as you make an appointment in advance and tell them when to load the goods and when to leave, the after-sales service personnel will arrive at the agreed place in advance and arrive at the appointed place in advance The car was well maintained before delivery, so Valin did a very good job in the after-sales maintenance and follow-up service. Because the overall use effect of the vehicle is very good, the good cooperation mode in previous years will continue. " Yangwenge, the fleet leader of Shandong Chiping wanhetong Transportation Co., Ltd., spoke plainly, highlighting the honesty and frankness of Shandong people: "in recent years, the vehicles have not really encountered major maintenance. They are all under normal maintenance, such as beating oil and changing butter."

"Hamma power engine adopts a platform design and promises no overhaul for millions of kilometers, so as to ensure the stability of vehicles in the whole operation cycle of dangerous goods. The supply chain of 'Hamma engine cylinder braking + Hamma axle' and the service and maintenance of Valin can save customers 30000-40000 yuan per year. In addition, the manufacturer will regularly organize key customers to visit the headquarters for training, so that customers can have a deeper understanding, trust and support for us. ”Duanwenbo said

the cornerstone product, Valin gallop

fuel saving, safety, reliability, power and many other characteristics are extremely important for transport vehicles, and there is no doubt that the transport of dangerous chemicals is harsh on vehicles

"Hanma power is an engine that integrates the world's top technologies. It is a product that has been severely tested by the 'three highs'. It dares to shine its sword in any harsh environment and working condition. The low consumption of the engine can save customers 15000 to 20000 yuan per year. In addition, in terms of safety, Hualing car body conforms to the anti frontal, side impact, jacking and front drilling design of European ECE regulations and standards, and high-strength car body anti-collision; front and rear axle disc brakes +Hanma's unique engine in cylinder braking, ABS, daytime running lights and reversing mirrors fully comply with the EU safety technical standards. " Duanwenbo said

Valin's high security has also created the reputation of "domestic life protection warehouse". It is reported that since the production line of Valin heavy truck was put off, there has been no driver fatality; In some cases, the driver's misoperation causes the cab to tip over, squeeze or deform seriously. In this case, the driver is only injured and is not in danger of life

in terms of reliability, Valin keeps improving, He further introduced that "no external auxiliary startup is required under -40 ℃, and the vehicle can be easily started within 8s, so that the vehicle can adapt to the transportation environment of dangerous goods. In addition, the new models of Hamma H6 and Lingma H3 have fully optimized the power matching design, using advanced simulation design capabilities (including CFD, collision, stamping and finite element structural analysis) The suspension, intake and exhaust system, oil supply system and cooling system of the vehicle power system are designed, simulated and checked to ensure the high performance and high quality of the product; The cooling system with advanced technology meets the heat dissipation requirements of high-power and high torque engines, and has a wide cooling range, which increases the ground clearance of the whole vehicle and greatly improves the reliability of the cooling system. "

product quality is the fundamental factor that determines customers' purchase. In the context of the overall downturn in the heavy truck market, enterprises should pay close attention to product quality, pay attention to details and establish product image if they want to continue to move forward. The strong performance of Valin hazardous chemicals transport vehicles in Shandong market is an effective proof of the high reliability, high fuel economy, high safety and strong power of their products

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