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Intelligent innovation is the direction of future market exploration. As the first professional manufacturer of kitchen appliances in the industry, many new kitchen appliances released by Cohen kitchen appliances this year have intelligent functions without exception. However, facing the upsurge of intellectualization, Cohen clearly realized that what users really need is not "intellectualization", but a "better experience" that integrates the needs of "more human", "more practical", "healthier", "safer" and so on. Intelligent technology is only a tool and way to achieve a better experience. We must not use the so-called "intelligence" such as "Networking", "remote control", "reading data" as a unified means to bind users. This is intelligence for intelligence, not real intelligence

Cohen kitchen appliance product innovation takes love as the source, and designs great products with better user experience from the perspective of users. Like the newly launched sunken side smoking machine "stir fried king" 8650, it not only continues the technical characteristics of Cohen side smoking machine, such as large oil absorption area, close oil absorption distance, high oil filtration efficiency, easy cleaning, and no collision, but also upgrades and innovates from the perspective of user experience. In terms of appearance, it creatively broke the design concept of "two layers of black and white" advocated by Cohen for eight years, and cleverly combined black crystal explosion-proof glass and cold-rolled steel for the first time. The whole machine is displayed in the form of new "black steel", showing users' high-end fashion taste

as a benchmark of beauty and strength in the field of side smoking machines, Cohen kitchen appliance "stir fried king" 8650 takes the powerful 80W copper fully enclosed 4-speed motor as a powerful heart support to provide continuous power. With Cohen's exclusive invention patent, the size of 260*125 chassis tensile Teflon oil-free wind wheel, press one button to stir fry. The rotation speed of the motor instantly reaches 1150 rpm, and the suction air volume reaches 20 ± 1 cubic meter. Then stretch the 900*595 smoke machine plane to a depth of 100mm, which increases the smoke gathering area by 40%. The original 380*380 Konda smoke guide screen plate increases the wind pressure by 20%. Up to 400 PA, the noise is less than 51 dB, and the double experience of "net" and "static" is all in the fingers

it is worth mentioning that Cohen kitchen appliance "stir fried king" 8650, from the perspective of user experience, is equipped with a unique fan system. The fan sinks 300mm to make the smoking distance closer and ensure that 100% of the smoke does not escape. It uses a capacitive screen with high sensitivity to lightly touch the switch button, and a gradually extinguished IP67 led waterproof cold light design. The lamp post is directed at the bottom of the cooking center, providing a panoramic view of delicious dishes

it is precisely because we have always adhered to a "heart of love" for consumers. Cohen kitchen appliances has never set limits on itself. What remains unchanged is to continue to innovate, constantly improve the smoke absorption effect of the range hood, completely change the kitchen pattern function, and let Chinese families enjoy more free cooking fun




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