Shangjia wooden door's fourth generation mute bar

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Shangjia wooden door fourth generation mute bar is newly upgraded and listed! I-eco covered mute strip is adopted to make almost no gap between the door leaf and the door pocket, which is light tight and makes the residents sleep more comfortably

in the fast-paced modern urban life,

noise has become an "invisible pollution"

it not only affects the daily work and rest

long-term accumulation, but also forms mental pressure

let work Life has become a mess

to create a more comfortable rest space

Shangjia wooden door new upgrade process

the fourth generation i-eco coated mute strip is newly launched

so that you can achieve the indoor dynamic and static switching freely with only one Shangjia wooden door

1. Seamless, light tight and sleep more comfortable

the gap between the door leaf and the door pocket

is the weakest link of the wooden door

wooden door.Light and sound insulation

anti collision, thermal insulation Durability

depends on the quality of the mute strip

although the mute strip is an accessory of the wooden door

, its role cannot be underestimated

Shangjia adopts i-eco coated mute strip

so that there is almost no gap between the door leaf and the door pocket

light tight, making the residents sleep more comfortable

2, sound insulation better enjoy quiet space

the newly upgraded fourth generation mute strip

seals and buffers Outstanding sound insulation performance

it is more suitable for bedrooms and study with high requirements for sound insulation

i-eco coated mute strip

improve the sound insulation performance by 35%

better weaken the sound decibel

make the opening and closing of indoor doors quiet

open the era of wooden door silence

3 It is not easy to aging and has a longer service life

at present, the mute strips on the market have good elasticity and wear resistance in the initial use

but with the passage of time

will gradually lose elasticity and aging

and then lose the sealing effect

i-eco coated mute strips

by virtue of the excellent physical and chemical properties of materials

aging resistance and fatigue resistance

more in the compression deformation test

compression force test Fatigue resistance test

temperature resistance test, UV protection test

water permeability test and other test results

are better than the traditional mute strip

the service life can reach 20 years

4. The fishbone barb design of the fully covered and reused non shrink

i-eco covered mute strip

makes the sealing strip easy to be embedded, always straight and not deformed

durable, non shrink Strong elasticity

after many years, it can still maintain its original shape

ensure that the product is reused and does not shrink

we can't change the noise

but we can choose tranquility

Shangjia newly upgraded mute bar technology

lead the innovation era of mute wooden doors

let you be only one Shangjia wooden door away from quiet life





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