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Since 2018, when traditional kitchen appliances such as range hoods and gas stoves have fallen into negative growth due to the impact of real estate market regulation, emerging kitchen appliances such as dishwashers, electric steamers and integrated stoves have maintained a strong growth trend

these new species are rapidly occupying the kitchens of Chinese consumers, thus providing new growth impetus for the kitchen electrical industry in trouble

after more than ten years of development, integrated stoves have become the hottest category in the current kitchen electricity market

as an emerging category, how does the integrated stove rise rapidly? This article talks about the development of integrated stoves in recent years

01 at the beginning of the birth of the industry: controversial and not optimistic

although the first integrated stove was born in China in 2003, because the original product used the deep well annular suction lower row design, people were worried about the safety of the integrated stove, which made the integrated stove not optimistic by the kitchen electric industry at the beginning of its birth, and suffered from market controversy

later, the side suction lower row integrated stove was born, which solved the safety problems of the first generation integrated stove products. However, the integrated stove market is still in a tepid state

02 turning point of industry development: the birth of modular side suction and lower exhaust integrated stove

until 2011, the birth of modular side suction and lower exhaust integrated stove became a turning point of the development of the integrated stove industry

as the third generation integrated stove, it completely carries out independent design of smoke stove, but it is cleverly integrated together, which not only greatly improves the utilization of kitchen space, but also solves a series of product and technical problems that have plagued the integrated stove industry for many years

later, Meida, the first stock of integrated stoves, was successfully listed in 2012. Integrated stoves began to enter the public's vision, and the capital market also paid more and more attention to this product category

at the same time, as the integrated stove enterprises in Shengzhou, Zhejiang Province have formed a scale effect and promoted the side suction and lower exhaust technology to become the mainstream of integrated stoves, integrated stoves have gradually become accepted by consumers.

03 current situation of the integrated stove industry: entering the stage of high-speed development.

with the improvement of living standards and the acceleration of consumption upgrading, Chinese residents' attention to the kitchen environment and intelligent kitchen appliances continues to increase, Integrated stoves, which have better smoke absorption effect and can meet the needs of multiple functions, are gradually favored by consumers, so the integrated stoves market has also become a new blue ocean in the kitchen electricity industry

since 2016, the integrated stove market has really entered a high-speed growth stage. Driven by leading enterprises such as Meida, Yitian, shuaifeng and Martian, integrated stoves have begun to be recognized by more and more consumers, and have become a star product in China's kitchen electricity market in the past two years


according to zhongyikang data, in 2016 and 2017, integrated stoves maintained a growth rate of 25% and 48% respectively, and the industry showed explosive growth

in 2018, in the cold environment of the kitchen electricity market, the growth rate of the integrated stove market is expected to reach 44%, and the retail scale will exceed 10 billion yuan

with the outbreak of market demand, more and more investors have entered the integrated cooker Market, including traditional kitchen appliances, integrated household appliances and cross-border enterprises, accelerating the pace of setting foot in the integrated cooker industry

04 looking forward to the future of the industry: open a new era of kitchen intelligence

although integrated stoves have entered the fast lane of development, the scale of the current integrated stoves market is still very small, and there is still a long way to go in the future

in the future development direction, based on practical value and durability, integrated stove products also need to deeply cultivate market demand and focus on product innovation and channel development

03 in fact, compared with the original product form, the integrated stove has integrated new functions such as steamer, oven and dishwasher on the basis of the original smoke stove, so as to meet users' more personalized and diversified use needs

in terms of intelligence, it is still in the primary stage of integrating audio-visual functions, menu guidance, community sharing and other functions mainly through the large screen. However, from the perspective of future development trends, intellectualization is undoubtedly one of the breakthroughs of integrated stoves

over the years, the rapid development of the integrated stove industry is obvious to all, and the future prospect of the integrated stove is also widely optimistic

as an upgraded product of traditional kitchen appliances, the integrated cooker just conforms to the current consumption trend that people pay attention to health, practicality and environmental protection. The times create heroes, and the integrated cooker catches up with the good opportunity of development

now, the development of integrated stoves has just begun. We expect that integrated stoves can become a banner in the kitchen electrical industry and open a new era of kitchen intelligence




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