2010 bathroom decoration personality breakthrough

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With the continuous development of the bathroom industry, the development of the bathroom is becoming more and more fashionable and flexible. Color has become a relatively simple way to reflect the personality of home. Besides the numerous and varied colors of walls and furniture, even bathroom products have become garish, getting rid of the previous sedate and deep, bright and bright, and gradually charming. Highlight 1: the jumping colors on the colored glass table are more and more popular with young people, and the color revolution has spread to the bathroom The material of the washtable has also developed from simple colorless glass in the past to bright colors such as red, orange and green. Generally, tempered glass with high temperature resistance will be used as the material of glass, which is more durable. Glass countertops are divided into full toughened and semi toughened, but many salespeople are collectively referred to as toughened. When purchasing, it is better to ask the merchants to show the factory quality certificate of the manufacturer, and pay attention to its category and high temperature resistance. Highlight 2: the shape of special-shaped sanitary ware has always been monotonous and traditional, but it is really a pity for those who pursue fashion. Therefore, some special-shaped sanitary wares are also gradually coming to the market, such as spherical toilets and their matching washbasins, angular bathtubs and faucets with variable shapes, which have emerged in many sanitary ware stores. No matter how the shape changes, easy to use and easy to clean is still a point that cannot be ignored in choosing sanitary ware. It should be required that the less the appearance of sanitary ware, the better the concave corners, and it is convenient to take care of. Highlight 3: the consumption of Chinese bath cabinets is increasing. Its style is generally based on simple and lively lines, taking the route of fashion and modernity. However, with the development of people's aesthetic diversity, some Chinese bath cabinets have also appeared in many people's homes, integrating with the decoration style. Since the material of Chinese bathroom cabinets generally adopts logs, we must pay attention to the material of the wood, whether it has the functions of moisture-proof, corrosion prevention and deformation prevention, so as to ensure the service life of the bathroom cabinet and its quality development

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