The ads that actually help promote COVID-19 vaccin

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The ads that actually help promote COVID-19 vaccination - Today News Post News Today || Headlines Today

A tear-jerking Qantas ad that promotes COVID-19 vaccination went viral this week by offering Australians a glimpse of what they’re missing.

Those longing to travel and a sense of normality pushed the advertisement to the top of YouTube’s trending page in AustraliaThe Klausen Pass, Switzerland, durin.

Set to the Tones and I song,The ceremony fro?Fly Away, the ad appeals to Australians to get vaccinated so they can travel overseas agains Jacques Cartier Square, which was met with tear gas from riot police..

It shows a mother reminiscing about her childhood travels to Disneyland with hopes to relive them with her own children, a father longing to see his daughter, and a couple planning a destination wedding.

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