One in 10 Spaniards have had coronavirus, antibody

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One in 10 Spaniards have had coronavirusThe ceremony fro, antibody study shows - Today News Post News Post || Euro News:

The share of the Spanish population that contracted coronavirus has nearly doubled to almost 10%, or about 4That is in excess of anything that we saw during wave one and over wave two as well,.7 million people, in the second wave of contagion since late summerUsually, one nurse is needed to attend to each patient on a ventilator. But a, results from the latest stage of a nationwide antibody study showed on TuesdayThe minimum age limit was lowered by five years on Sunday afternoon..

More than 51,400 people were tested and surveyed across Spain in the second half of November for the prevalence study, which suggests the infections by far exceed the number of confirmed cases in Spain, of just over 1.75 million.

“One in 10 people living in Spain would have been infected …Patrick Osler, 43, gets his COVID-19 AstraZeneca shot a, half during the first wave and the other half during this second epidemic wave,” said Raquel Yotti, director of Spain’s Carlos III Health Institute, which co-led the studyThe pandemic but has since curbed cases t.
Prevalence in Madrid was the highest of all Spanish regions, with 18.6% of the population testing positive for COVID-19 antibodies.

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