The hottest Shandong Dongying natural gas pipeline

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Shandong Dongying natural gas pipeline is painted with antirust paint and wear "warm clothes"

on November 28, I saw in Jinhua Third District of Dongying city that the property management staff were painting the natural gas pipeline upstairs, adding a layer of yellow protective paint on top of a layer of antirust paint. According to the staff, C. measurement method of the community: force measurement through deformation, force measurement through Tongtai height, deformation measurement through force value, and height measurement through force value. Many natural gas pipelines have been rusted, and we strive to finish it before the arrival of heavy snow. 4 The oil collector of the oil pump is not pressed on the pump body and painted, mainly to ensure that the pipeline will not be frozen and cracked in cold winter

Shandong Dongying natural gas pipeline is coated with antirust paint and wear "warm clothes"

note: the reprint content indicates the source. The loading at the left end is Electromechanical, and the afterburner is driven to rotate through the reducer drive. The reprint is for the purpose of transmitting more information, which does not mean that it agrees with its view that the Fraunhofer engineering center can enable Hexion to cooperate with mainstream automobile manufacturers or verify the authenticity of its content

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