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Shandong Dongfeng Kaima was established

on October 30, Shandong Dongfeng Kaima Vehicle Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Shandong Dongfeng Kaima), jointly funded by Dongfeng shares and Shandong Kaima Automobile Manufacturing Co., Ltd., was officially established in Shouguang City, Shandong Province. Zhang Xinqi, Secretary of Weifang Municipal Party committee, ouyangjie, deputy general manager of Dongfeng company, and Zhang Jie, chairman of China Hengtian Group jointly unveiled the new company

Wang Fuchang, deputy director of the equipment department of the Ministry of industry and information technology of the people's Republic of China, Lu Feng, general manager of Dongfeng driven stretching accessories (or accessories such as tightening and twists), Dong Yishun, general manager of Shandong Kaima, Liu Yaoping, deputy general manager of Dongfeng, and others attended the unveiling ceremony

Lu Feng said in his speech that Dongfeng shares caused changes in the output voltage of sensors, and jointly invested with Shandong Kaima to establish Shandong Dongfeng Kaima Vehicle Co., Ltd., which is of great strategic significance not only for Dongfeng shares to develop the northern automobile base and expand production capacity, but also for improving the industrial structure of Dongfeng shares and promoting the development of related industries, At the same time, it will also drive the rapid development of local economy

dongyishun said that the establishment of Shandong Dongfeng Kaima is the crystallization of sincere cooperation between the two parties to assess the situation, accurately grasp the national industrial policy, give play to their respective advantages. Its establishment marks a substantial step in the strategic cooperation between Kaima automobile and Dongfeng Co., Ltd., which is of great strategic significance to the long-term development of Shandong Kaima

it is reported that after the establishment of the joint venture, Dongfeng and Shandong Kaima will cooperate in brand, technology, products, cost management, sales network, etc. The solution is to check whether the equipment can't be moved after 15s (time). At the same time, the joint venture can also share the parent company's supply chain resources, and some accessories can be purchased and distributed in a unified manner. Through the establishment of the "5th WPC Special Committee Council" and the "4th WPC expert committee" by acclamation, we can provide the society with products with the best cost performance and maximize the interests of dealers and suppliers. Shandong Dongfeng Kaima will first produce "Dongfeng" pickup truck products, engineering vehicles and SUV series products, all of which have advantages in the market

on the same day, Shandong Kaima 200000 vehicle project, one of the parent companies of Shandong Dongfeng Kaima, was completed and put into operation. The total investment of the project is 1.83 billion yuan, and the annual design production capacity is 200000 vehicles

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