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Shandong energy overseas coal storage has more than 10 billion tons of wholly-owned acquisition of Australian companies

Shandong energy overseas coal storage has more than 10 billion tons of wholly-owned acquisition of Australian companies

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Guide: a few days ago, Shandong energy linkuang Group wholly-owned acquisition of Australian Rockland company, has successfully completed the equity acquisition and delivery. The latter has one mining right and two exploration rights in Bowen basin, Queensland, Australia, with a total area of 917.89 square kilometers, nearly 1.8 billion tons of retained resource reserves and 4 billion tons of prospective reserves

recently, Shandong energy linkuang group wholly acquired Rockland, Australia, and has successfully completed the equity M & A and delivery. The latter owns one mining right and two exploration rights in Bowen basin, Queensland, Australia, with a total area of 917.89 square kilometers, nearly 1.8 billion tons of retained resource reserves and more than 4 billion tons of prospective reserves

this acquisition is another big step taken by Shandong energy in overseas mergers and acquisitions after acquiring maluhe coal mine in Canada. Maluhe coal mine is located in BC Province, Canada, with an area of 150 square kilometers and 7.1 billion tons of main coking coal resources

in recent years, with the increase of energy consumption year by year, Shandong Province, as the leading coal in energy supply, is facing the situation of increasing depletion of resources. The former coal producing province has become a coal consumption province with more than 60% of the consumption of foreign coal. Large economic provinces overlap small resource provinces, and the contradiction between coal supply and demand in Shandong is becoming increasingly prominent

at present, Shandong energy group has 44 production mines in the province, and 10 mines with recoverable reserves of less than 10 million tons, accounting for 22.73% of the total number of mines in the province. However, according to the recoverable reserves and current output of the mines, 3 pairs will be closed within 5 years, and 16 pairs will be closed within 20 years. After 30 years, the basic resources of the mines in the province will be exhausted. With the aging of mining areas in the province, the development space of Shandong energy group will be greatly compressed, and the task of seeking new development support areas and personnel resettlement bases is very urgent. Wu Qingguo said that Shandong energy group takes "going out" as its work axis, and both international and domestic wings fly together: go all the way to the West and build a Western energy base; Go abroad all the way, occupy resources, and actively carry out global energy layout

guided by the "five strategies" of "big energy, big resources, big coordination, big cooperation and big operation", Shandong energy actively adjusts the industrial structure, strengthens overseas development, strengthens the integration of internal business and a series of measures, optimizes the industrial layout and widens the development space. Previously, Shandong energy group has obtained more than 40 billion tons of coal reserves in 11 provinces (regions) including Inner Mongolia, Xinjiang and Shaanxi, which is equivalent to the coal consumption of Shandong Province in 166. Since this year, jujube mine has taken the reorganization of the May ninth coal group as a breakthrough, increased the number of functional master batch resources, increased the industry reshuffle by 1.4 billion tons, and the production capacity was 6.3 million tons. Projects such as pyrolysis of low-grade coal to make oil have been promoted in an orderly manner, and the development of Hulunbuir mining area has been in full swing. Longkuang acquired Huadian Fengtai oil shale company and obtained 44.7 million tons of high-quality resources. Zikuang holdings brought about 30000 tons of lithium concentrate. Waihua medical invested 496 million yuan in mergers and acquisitions, acquiring five enterprises, and the total economic volume exceeded 3 billion yuan

in this process, Shandong energy group has transformed the past decentralized resource development pattern by integrating the development units outside the province of the six authorized enterprises, and formed a good written "one fist, one voice" for external development. Last year, shengluneng chemical became the first state-owned enterprise in Ordos to obtain the qualification of resource integration subject, creating the "Inner Mongolia model" of coal resource integration. This year, Shandong energy group received a written commitment from Erdos municipal government to allocate 2.5 billion tons of high-quality resources. During the "12th Five Year Plan" period, Shandong energy group will invest in Inner Mongolia to build a coal production of 100 million tons, coal conversion of more than 50million tons, achieve an annual sales revenue of 50 billion yuan, and strive to achieve 15 billion profits and taxes, so as to build a domestic first-class circular economy industry demonstration park and fine chemical industry park

at present, Shandong energy group is actively building diversified enterprises, relying on existing resource development projects such as iron ore and oil shale, and further strengthening the acquisition and development of non coal resources such as iron, copper, gold and manganese, so that the mining development pattern is diversified; Acquire and integrate manufacturers with good equipment performance and excellent personnel technology, timely build wind energy and photovoltaic power plants, and enter the field of new energy

in response to the global boom in shale gas industry development, Shandong energy group has hired six high-end experts in the industry to strengthen talent, resources and technology reserves, laying the foundation for the next step in development

at the same time, Shandong energy group also takes extending the industrial chain as an important measure to optimize the industry and promote the characteristic development of coal chemical industry. At present, Shandong energy group new mine Inner Mongolia hengkun chemical 120million cubic meters LNG project has been successfully commissioned, realizing a major breakthrough in LNG methanation process. The Shenglong coking technology transformation project of jujube mine was put into operation, and the annual output value is expected to be 5billion yuan. The production capacity of glass fiber near the mine reached 150000 tons, and the output of glass fiber yarn jumped to the fourth place in the country. The second phase of the Bayi tire project has been completed, with a production capacity of 2.4 million tires

Shandong energy group has also actively improved the development quality of the equipment manufacturing industry and achieved a good momentum of development. The advantages of featured products such as the supporting selection of tens of millions of tons of working face equipment, coal chemical equipment, coal washing and processing equipment, and mechanical product remanufacture are prominent. It is expected that the annual output value of the equipment manufacturing sector will be 7.97 billion yuan and the profit will be 310million yuan. It is estimated that the non coal industry revenue of the group in the whole year is 129.1 billion yuan and the profit is 611 million yuan, accounting for 71.5% and 5.7% of the total revenue and total profit of the group respectively, an increase of 11.9 and 2.2 percentage points over last year

at the same time, actively expand the modern logistics industry, constantly improve the scale and level of logistics trade, serve the main industry and create new economic growth points, initially forming a "large circulation" pattern of coal, ore, oil products and metals. It is estimated that the annual sales revenue will be 93.256 billion yuan and the profit will be 500 million yuan

at the same time, Shandong energy group actively promoted the slimming action to eliminate redundancy and enhance vitality. Xinkuang actively carried out "downsizing" activities, and increased the "two clean-up" of inefficient and ineffective assets and surplus personnel, making the development pattern clearer. Zikuang publicly transferred 51% of the state-owned property rights of xinjike company and obtained a profit of 355million yuan. The fertilizer mine insisted on the development of refocusing and completed the disposal of 17 restructured and joint-stock enterprises

"we always attach importance to and continue to optimize the development strategy, and strive to solve major issues related to the long-term development of enterprises, such as industrial positioning, regional layout, implementation path, etc. only by persistently implementing the strategy and optimizing the strategy according to the situation, can we achieve a direction and a path." Bu Changshen, chairman and general manager of Shandong energy group, said

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