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Shandong Coating Association: unswervingly lead the development of green high-end coating industry

Shandong Coating Association: unswervingly lead the development of green high-end coating industry

April 17, 2020

in organizing Shandong coating industry, business leaders and related industries to watch and study the 2020 China International Coating conference held in the form of a networking meeting on April 9-10, which has had a huge response in our Shandong coating industry, The meeting achieved very good results. Due to the epidemic, some of our meetings this year may adopt the mode of networking meetings. The successful holding of this conference shows us a new mode of meeting, which is of great reference significance. It is understood that Gu Shigang, general manager of Shandong Pentium paint Co., Ltd., attaches great importance to this conference and specially issued a watching notice, requiring all departments to organize all staff to study and watch the grand occasion of the China International Paint conference, At the same time, write the impressions of your actual work

among them, we focus on several issues

under the epidemic situation this year, has environmental protection management been relaxed? What are the new policies and changes in environmental governance? The emergency control of heavily polluted weather in autumn and winter 2019 has had a serious impact on the coating and coating industry in our province. Is there any change in the policy in 2020? What preparations should we make in advance? What is the future development direction of coating enterprises? The experts and leaders present at the meeting gave us an interpretation of paint one by one

next, I will review the key contents of the meeting around the speeches of several leaders and experts

I. control of heavily polluted weather (several major principles):

no matter what kind of experimental machine. 1. Encourage source control (i.e. product structure optimization) and encourage enterprises to produce or use low VOC products (water-based paint products that meet the technical requirements for paint products with low volatile organic compounds content or national standards) instead of producing high VOC products, Enterprises will be classified according to the proportion of low VOC products in the total products

2. Encourage advanced production processes and equipment --- be airtight in the paint production process to improve VOC collection efficiency

3. Encourage the implementation of refined management -- improve the level of production automation and reduce unorganized emissions

4. Encourage the installation of efficient end treatment equipment -- use RTO technology or zeolite runner concentration +rto and other technologies to treat VOC

5. Encourage clean transportation - enterprises use low pollution and low emission motor vehicles to transport raw materials and products

6. Emission reduction measures - coating production and coating application Enterprises:

through the above points, we have learned the principles, requirements and characteristics of performance rating of heavily polluted weather, and we can take emission reduction measures in advance according to the above description

II. Changes in heavy pollution rating in 2020 - encourage enterprises to do better, reward the good and punish the bad:

the performance rating in 2020 is one more level than that in 2019, and the rating is more reasonable and detailed. On the basis that enterprises meet the product requirements of low volatile organic compounds, unorganized emission requirements, and the emission standard requirements of coatings, give certain policy preferences to better benchmark enterprises

III. The technical requirements for coating products with low volatile organic compound content has been issued recently, which will have a great impact on the construction and use of the coating industry

1. The important clause in the three-year action plan to win the blue sky defense war "prohibit the construction, production and use of solvent-based coatings with high VOCs content in key areas" defines "solvent-based coatings with high VOCs content", There will be evidence to follow with the formulation and promulgation of the standard "technical requirements for coating products with low volatile organic compound content"

2. For the process of using low VOCs content coatings, the state has introduced important incentive measures, reflecting the new changes in the requirements for end-of-life treatment of VOCs emissions

(1) for processes where the VOCs content (mass ratio) of raw and auxiliary materials used by enterprises is less than 10%, unorganized emission collection measures may not be required

(2) if the enterprise adopts coatings that meet the national regulations on products with low VOCs content, and the emission concentration is stable and up to standard, and the emission rate and emission performance meet the relevant regulations, the corresponding production process may not require the construction of terminal treatment facilities

(3) after using the coating specified for products with low VOC content, even if the initial emission rate of NMHC in the collected exhaust gas is high (general areas ≥ 3000kg/h; key areas ≥ 2000kg/h), the requirement that the decontamination efficiency must reach 80% can not be implemented, and only the emission concentration can reach the standard

3. Basic requirements: mandatory standard "requirements for VOCs content limit in hazardous substances limit" -- red line,

green requirements: recommended standard "low voc4) beam movement limit: ≥ 300mm; s content coating product technical requirements" -- green line,

4, "low volatile organic compound content coating product technical requirements" have different requirements for different types and fields of coating product technology, At present, the fields where there are mature low VOC content alternative products have been reflected in the standard, while the fields where there are no mature products are not listed. Solvent based high solid coating has also been included in the category of low VOCs content coating products. "Technical requirements for low VOCs content coating products" actually provides us with a plan, which tells us what types of products should be used in different fields in order to achieve the purpose of source emission reduction

IV. enlightenment from the summary of industry data in 2019

1. The concentration is getting higher and higher. Based on the 100 index, the top 200 main business revenue accounts for more than 50%, and the top 200 profit accounts for more than 70%

2. Large enterprises are expanding. The top 100 enterprises have expanded and more than 30 new factories have been built. According to the sales and service radiation radius of coating production enterprises, the output bottleneck of a single production plant is about 400million yuan to ensure the quality of plastic raw materials. In the long run, enterprises need to build new production plants in order to continue to develop.

3. The decline in output in the fourth quarter was mainly affected by the policies of heavily polluted weather control. Although the impact of heavy pollution weather control policies comes quickly, it is foreseeable and avoidable

4. Enterprises can develop rapidly only by adopting new models. With the development of the original model, leapfrog development is impossible. Rapid development can only occur through cooperation, joint venture and financing development

5. State owned enterprises began to make efforts, although the range was relatively small

6. General purpose industrial coatings still account for a large proportion, which lowers the profit margin of industrial coatings to a certain extent

7. Chemical industry park is the base of coating development. For paint enterprises, entering the park must be a medium - and long-term plan, even if it is not a plan at this stage

8. Production enterprises should lengthen the coating industry chain, develop multiple varieties and technologies at the same time, match with the downstream, and cut their products into the downstream industry chain

9. The output of some provinces such as Shandong, Shanghai and Jiangsu fell. The situation of provinces and cities with declining output is basically the same. After environmental protection and safety management in 2017 and 2018, a number of enterprises with backward production capacity have been eliminated. Since 2019, there have been no new enterprises, and other enterprises in the province have not been able to fill the market in time, resulting in a decline in total output

at the beginning of 2020, we encountered the significant impact of the COVID-19, which caused great harm to the coating industry and even the whole industry. However, after two months of unremitting efforts by the people of the whole country, this war epidemic has seen the dawn. With the gradual dissipation of the epidemic and the warming of the weather, the spring of the coating industry has also come

2020 is the end of the 13th five year plan. We are confident that we will fully complete the tasks of the 13th five year plan and set the stage for the 14th five year plan. The association will also work hand in hand with everyone and save a lot of fuel, overcome difficulties, make common progress, continue to provide good services for enterprises, play the role of bridge and link, comprehensively improve the status and level of the coating industry in Shandong Province in the country, and help promote the high-quality development of the coating industry in Shandong Province

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