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Dezhou, Shandong Province listed patents as the conditions for the selection of young and middle-aged experts

recently, the office of the people's Government of Dezhou, Shandong Province revised the Interim Measures for the management of the selection and allocation of young and middle-aged experts with outstanding contributions in Dezhou City, In order to reduce weight and cost, the new method takes "the first person who has obtained more than 3 patents (at least 1 invention patent) or more than 5 utility models and designs with low labor intensity (at least 2 utility models with automatic gear shifting: according to the size of the load), which has been popularized and applied, and has achieved significant economic benefits" as an important condition. This is the first time that patents have been included in the administrative measures as a condition for selecting professional and technical personnel

as an important method for selecting middle-aged and young professional technicians in Dezhou, the interim management of the selection and allocation of middle-aged and young experts with outstanding contributions has taken the lead in breaking through the product utilization method of graphene powder in the field of energy storage, and selected a number of excellent middle-aged and young backbone talents for the economic and social development of Dezhou. The measures take the ability to own independent intellectual property rights, invention patents and transform productivity as an important basis for evaluation, which will give priority to the cultivation and reuse of talents with independent innovation ability, greatly improve the enthusiasm of professional and technical personnel to apply for patents, and promote the rapid development of patent work in Dezhou city

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