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Shandong electric power academy has made a major breakthrough in the selection of national science and technology awards

? China Power News correspondent Zhang Yong and Zhang Jin reported that recently, the 2019 science and technology award winning project of State Grid Corporation of China was officially announced, and the two achievements of "pollution accumulation characteristics of DC equipment and integrated pollution flashover prevention technology and application" and "transmission tower safety diagnosis and welding reinforcement technology and Application" led by Shandong electric power academy won the first prize of scientific and technological progress, The two achievements of "a multi time scale load capacity dynamic prediction method for transmission lines" and "a provincial distribution operation monitoring system based on full data" won the third prize of the patent award, and the participating projects won 4 first prizes, 3 second prizes and 3 third prizes. The number and grade of awards reached a new high

the science and technology award of national household appliances Co., Ltd. is the highest level of science and technology award set up within the national company. It is selected once a year. The appearance improvement results of the winning household appliances can fully represent the current technical level and scientific research direction of the national company. The number of national first prize winning projects is small, and most of them have been won by scientific research institutions such as the Chinese Academy of electrical Sciences and the National Academy of electrical sciences. This time, Shandong Academy of electrical Sciences won two first prizes at the same time, and achieved the best results in history

"pollution accumulation characteristics of DC equipment and integrated prevention and control technology and application of pollution flashover" project aims at the problem of poor anti pollution flashover level of DC equipment under heavy pollution conditions, optimizes the external insulation configuration, and makes major breakthroughs in DC composite insulator, silicone rubber selection, high self-cleaning anti pollution flashover coating, silicone rubber composite external insulation cleaning and repair, etc. this achievement comprehensively improves the anti pollution flashover performance of DC equipment, which has been fully applied to ± 660kV ± 800 kV, ± 1100 kV and other DC transmission projects provide guarantee for the reliable operation of China's DC transmission system

"transmission tower safety diagnosis and welding reinforcement technology and application" project through carrying out transmission tower vibration and strength detection, mastering the stress changes of rods, carrying out transmission tower safety assessment and early warning, diagnosed that it can be divided into three types: manual man-made board universal experimental mechanism weak parts, clearly strengthening the position, carrying out transmission tower welding reinforcement, significantly improving the transmission tower bearing capacity, eliminating the replacement of the whole tower, and avoiding line power failure, This achievement has been successfully applied to the life evaluation of old transmission towers, the repair of damaged transmission towers, the transformation of "three span" transmission towers, etc. culvert machines have applied a variety of tower types with the same voltage covering multiple voltage levels, with new sales of more than 130 million yuan and new profits of 20.79 million yuan in recent three years

this achievement is the result of Shandong Electric Power Research Institute's emphasis on scientific and technological innovation and adherence to the cultivation of achievements. It is an affirmation of the Institute's scientific and technological workers' long-standing adherence to solving difficulties and persistently creating material certification - leading the development of engineering plastics to new benchmarks and new effects. In the future, Shandong Electric Power Research Institute will continue to carry forward the spirit of continuous innovation, forge ahead and climb the peak, continue to strengthen scientific and technological research in key research and development fields such as strong smart electricity and ubiquitous power IOT, give full play to the incentive and guiding role of scientific and Technological Awards, accelerate the transformation, promotion and application of scientific and technological achievements, and strive to produce more achievements

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