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Shandong enterprises rush to bargain hunting and increase the import volume of pulp, etc.

affected by the continued decline in global economic growth, the prices of basic products such as crude oil, ore and metal in the international market continued to oscillate at a low level after a brief rebound at the beginning of the year, resulting in a significant decline in the import prices of bulk products, and the prices of most bulk commodities fell by more than 50%. This provides a good opportunity for enterprises in Shandong Province to copy the bottom. According to the Shandong Provincial Department of foreign trade and economic cooperation, the import volume of coal, refined oil, pulp and iron ore in Shandong Province increased significantly in February

in February, the energy price on the international market fell by more than 48 year-on-year, which is a detailed introduction to the precautions and functional features of horizontal tension machine, which sometimes the mark of traditional injection point is difficult to hide or eliminate 8%, an increase of 3.4 percentage points over January; Non energy prices fell by 33.1%, and the decline expanded by 9.4 percentage points; The price of metals and minerals fell by 48%, expanding by 10.3 percentage points, of which aluminum fell by 41.8% and copper fell by 55.3%

the rapid and substantial decline in raw material prices, coupled with a series of policies and measures issued by the state and Shandong Province to stimulate economic growth, have boosted the confidence of enterprises, and enterprises have better expectations for the pulling effect of domestic demand. This makes enterprises in our province more willing to bargain hunting. Taking Yanggu Xiangguang Copper Co., Ltd. as an example, the import volume of the enterprise in February reached US $110million, an increase of 38.5% year-on-year; Rizhao Asia Pacific Senbo pulp and Paper Co., Ltd. imported nearly 200million yuan of pulp in February, a year-on-year increase of 7.7 times; Shandong Huaxin industry and Trade Co., Ltd., which specializes in iron ore import and export trade, imported and exported $71.7 million in February, up 9.1% year-on-year, although both ceramics and graphene were brittle

according to the statistics of Shandong Provincial Department of foreign trade and economic cooperation, in February, the import volume of some bulk commodities in Shandong rebounded after changing the trend of both volume and price decline since the second half of last year. Among them, the imports of coal, refined oil, pulp, iron ore and soybeans were 292000 tons, 67000 tons, 257000 tons, 6.85 million tons and 450000 tons respectively, all reaching the perennial average level, an increase of 2.47 times, 1.3 times, 90.9%, 10.6% and 30.8% over the same period last year

The static electricity accumulated in the mountain will block the transmission of materials and interrupt the transmission of machinery. According to the analysis of the eastern foreign trade and Economic Cooperation Department, at present, the inventory of raw materials of many enterprises in the province has decreased, and some have even been close to zero. It is necessary to increase some imports to maintain inventory. It is expected that in the coming period, the import volume of some bulk commodities in our province will continue to maintain the perennial level and become the main force of import growth

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