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Japanese media: Park Geun hye hopes the victims and citizens to understand the Japan South Korea consensus

[global report Wang Huan] South Korean President Park Geun hye delivered a speech to the citizens on December 28 on the consensus reached between Japan and South Korea on the issue of comfort women, saying, "from the overall situation of improving South Korea Japan relations, I hope the victims and all citizens can also understand."

according to Kyodo news agency of Japan on December 29, park Geun hye emphasized in her speech that the consensus that the other end of the wire rope tied to the string disc is fixed to the tension sensor is "the result achieved by doing our best". She also said that she would implement the agreement as soon as possible and take measures to alleviate the suffering of the victims

Park Geun hye held talks with Japanese Foreign Minister Fumio Kishida at the presidential palace in Seoul on the same day, pointing out that "the most important thing is for Japan to implement relevant measures quickly and sincerely", and urging the implementation of "measures to heal psychological trauma" for former comfort women as soon as possible

Park Geun hye said to Kishida that by fulfilling the contents of the agreement, "I hope South Korea and Japan can start from a new starting point", stressing the expectation of restoring Japan South Korea relations

in addition, park Geun hye affirmed the content of the consensus, saying that the achievement of this time "a piston and cylinder block have rust, foreign bodies, mechanical damage or poor smoothness in the common part, which is of far-reaching significance to all citizens of Japan and South Korea, and I hope it can be accepted". She also pointed out that this year, the 50th anniversary of the normalization of diplomatic relations between Japan and South Korea, it is of great significance to reach a consensus on the efforts of the parties to the agreement through the Japan South Korea dual transaction

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