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Automatic deviation correction packaging robot patent transfer

automatic deviation correction packaging robot patent products can solve the offset problems such as asymmetric print patterns caused by inaccurate positioning of printed boards in the traditional printing process, and are suitable for gift boxes, desk calendars, covers and other packaging and printing fields. Yesterday, Wenzhou intellectual property service park recommended the patent to Wenzhou business daily. Chen Jianren, the inventor of the patent, said that when packaging, the edge of the cover and the edge of the cardboard must be strictly parallel, otherwise dislocation will occur, which is not convenient for subsequent conversion and pasting, and will become inferior products. However, in the traditional packaging and printing process, the process of putting the cardboard to be printed into the conveyor belt is completed by workers manually, and the placement position of the cardboard is easy to deviate, which will cause a great impact on the safety of materials caused by the production process of printing drawings, such as asymmetry or offset. This patented product can automatically put the cardboard on the conveyor belt through the robot, and ensure that its center does not deviate. Chen Jianren believes that this kind of equipment can greatly improve the printing quality of packaging printing materials, improve the production speed, and save labor for enterprises. 5. If the control system of the tension machine is dial reading (that is, the type whose value passes through one dial degree is called dial), then the oil change is troublesome; Because of this, people have higher and higher requirements for the quality of life. The length and width of these machines are about 1 meter and the height is 1.6 meters. Compared with some packaging correction machines, they have the characteristics of small volume, saving land, simple process, convenient maintenance and so on. Chen Jianren introduced that this kind of equipment can be used with some enterprises that have gluing equipment, without disassembly and reassembly. At present, it can be used for printing folders, desk calendars, certificates, etc. I sincerely hope that you will see that the mine Mirs intelligent cosmetic mirror made of Kos creative clone polycarbonate will transform the patented product into productivity. Chen Jianren wants to transfer the patent to competent machinery manufacturers

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