Paraxylene tower of PX unit of the hottest Kazakhs

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On October 14, the "upper head" of the last section of the 20 ~ 77hr45n mesh paraxylene redistilling tower (c601) of the aromatics project in Kazakhstan Atyrau refinery was successfully hoisted in place, marking that the main installation of the process equipment of the 500000 T/a PX unit entered the final stage

the p-xylene redistilling tower with a height of 104 meters, a maximum diameter of 8.2 meters and a total weight of 1060 tons is composed of 12 sections. It is not only the heaviest large-scale equipment in the whole project, but also the highest industrial equipment in Kazakhstan and even the CIS region. Due to the constraints of logistics and transportation conditions, there is a movable horizontal beam on the top, and the tower adopts the manufacturing scheme of arriving in pieces and assembling on site. In August last year, after the on-site team began its work, facing difficulties such as the restriction of labor visas and the lack of local suitable installation personnel, the Harbin aromatic hydrocarbon Project Department of Luoyang engineering company explored the potential internally, worked overtime, fought continuously, and actively trained local skilled workers to make up for the shortage of manpower. In the hoisting process, the original plan was to adopt 750 ton crawler crane. Because it was very difficult to mobilize large construction machines and tools from China, it had to be replaced by 600 tons. During the hoisting of the last five sections of the cylinder, the working condition must be changed once for each section, and each time it is hoisted at full load, ensuring the installation progress and quality

with the joint efforts of construction, design, procurement, supervision and other relevant units, the whole hoisting process lasted 13 months, 45 days ahead of schedule, and with the excellent result of 99.2% one-time welding qualification rate, the main body installation of the process equipment of the whole plant marked by c601 tower was completed, which won the full affirmation and praise of the owner

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