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The party members of Jihua organic synthesis plant promised to achieve a major breakthrough in the research and commissioning.

Jihua organic synthesis plant took the power of the whole plant, and the sensitivity of the measuring system of the experimental machine was more refined. In adhering to the technical research on the ethylene propylene rubber B device, Party members were organized to carry out the research and commitment, and gave full play to the vanguard and exemplary role of Party members, so that the device commissioning achieved the continuous production of qualified products for the first time, and the product quality achieved a historic major breakthrough

EPDM B device of this plant is a key project of the company. Due to the defects in the design of the device, the commissioning has brought unprecedented difficulties. Therefore, during the implementation of technical research, they called on all the party members and backbones in the workshop of this factory to strive to be research warriors with the wear limit of their parts not exceeding 10% of the dimensional tolerance value of the parts. They organized party members to make commitments according to their post responsibilities, and made clear the commitment content, research direction and measures to be taken. And read out the letter of commitment at the Party group meeting, publicize it on the page, and accept the supervision of employees

the 22 Communists in the ethylene propylene rubber workshop B of this factory regard each test run as a battle and live up to their word worth commitments with action. In this year's test run, which began in May, Party members and cadres ate and lived in the factory for more than 10 days in a row, and worked hard on the site with shift workers day and night. Jiang Liquan, a model worker of the company and the person in charge of the first district, saw that the domestic compressor was unstable and affected the polymerization reaction, and put forward 15 reasonable suggestions for compressor transformation, which were adopted by the factory. In view of the leakage caused by the vibration of the c-0200 compressor, he squatted on the scene, listened, touched, looked, and constantly inspected, recorded and confirmed, and finally found the "root cause". After the transformation, the vibration and leakage of the compressor were completely eradicated, and the major hidden dangers of the compressor were eliminated. Zhang Peng, a party member of the third district, took the initiative to ask for war, organized the party members of the district to volunteer their work during the test run, and divided the party members into three groups. Special personnel were assigned to important positions such as dehydrators, automatic scales, packaging lines, etc., who took turns to guard for 24 hours, so as to find and deal with the signs of glue blockage in time. In the 10 days of commissioning, the problem of glue blocking was reduced by more than 10 times, and the maintenance of the packaging line was reduced by 5 times, which effectively extended the running time of continuous production, and realized his commitment to ensure that the continuous production was not affected by glue blocking at the rear. Li Yongdong, the former leader of the third chemical industry team, effectively avoided a fire and explosion accident due to his careful inspection and timely detection and treatment of catalyst pipeline leakage. He got full marks in various assessments in the district and established a high prestige among the masses. In Li Yongdong's words, "it's nothing. We'd rather lose a few kilograms of meat. A successful test drive is better than nothing!"

a total of 20 key projects were implemented in this commissioning, including 3 key projects. From May 28 to June 29, 1219.05 tons of EPDM products of j-0043 brand were produced, and the qualification rate reached 93.6%

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