Party members of CIMC vehicles donated special par

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Zhongji vehicle party members donate "special party dues"

Zhongji vehicle party members donate "special party dues"

2020 - when there is abnormal or bearing temperature rise is too high, China Construction machinery information

one side has difficulties and all sides support. CIMC vehicle () Party members actively responded to the call of the Party Central Committee, taking the branch as the unit, and through online and offline channels, orderly organized party members to voluntarily donate money and materials, bringing kindness together into a warm stream of love. From February 28, the majority of Party members in CIMC vehicles' enterprises set an example and took the lead in making donations at the first time. As of March 9, 462 party members from 11 enterprises under CIMC donated 106289 yuan, of which 121 party members from Lingyu automobile Party committee donated 42676 yuan

the Party committee of Lingyu automobile expressed condolences to the front-line medical workers. After the outbreak of the "epidemic", the shortage of protective materials and daily necessities for front-line prevention and control personnel has become the most thorny problem. On February 11, the Party committee of Lingyu automobile purchased 20000 yuan of convenience food by itself and sent a special car to Luoyang City to treat covid-19, a designated hospital for pneumonia, the First Affiliated Hospital of Henan University of science and technology. After the epidemic stabilized, the Party committee of Lingyu automobile also subsidized the people who encountered difficulties due to COVID-19, and expressed condolences to the families of community party members who died in the prevention and control of the epidemic

in order to avoid the gathering of people, the general Party branch of CIMC vehicles organized all enterprise party organizations to donate this "special party fee" to the superior party organization by means of network transfer. At present, the donation activity is still in progress. Many activists who joined the Communist Party of China and developed the manufacturing industry have shifted to Southeast Asia, resulting in a sharp reduction in export orders. The objects have also volunteered to participate in donation activities within their capabilities. "I am duty bound to make a modest contribution through donations." A member of CIMC after 95 said. (author: He Jing, Gan Yingxin)

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