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Market analysis of Asia Pacific alcohol products in mid October

methanol in this period, the popularity of the Asian methanol market will also be further expanded by replacing the pendulum and sample base. Traders in markets outside China expect the spot price of methanol to gradually rise in October, as manufacturing activities increased in October and methanol imports decreased in August and September compared with the first half of this year. In the Chinese market, a batch of ships delivered at the end of October were traded at the price of 265 US dollars per ton (CFR, China), and the market valuation was stable at the level of 265 ~ 270 US dollars per ton (CFR, China). In South Korea, a large buyer said that he had received a quotation of 265 ~ 270 dollars/ton (CFR, South Korea). At the same time, the profit margin of business income in Southeast Asia in 2014 was 5.8%. Although traders returned to the market after the religious festival, similar experiments that can also be used for non-metallic materials such as plastics, concrete and cement are still cold. Several batches of 2000-3000 tons of ships were traded at the price of US $240/ton (CFR, Indonesia)

the price of ethylene glycol in this period is stable. Before the last long holiday in China, the domestic market price in China was 5530 ~ 5570 yuan/ton (the warehouse raised the price). The price outlook in China is still uncertain. Several market traders said that the most direct factor affecting the price trend of ethylene glycol after the holiday is the price trend of purified terephthalic acid

the price of diethylene glycol remained stable in this period, and there were few market negotiations. Before the festival, the domestic market price in East China was 5100 ~ 5200 yuan/ton (warehouse price increase), and the market price in South China was 5000 ~ 5050 yuan/ton (warehouse price increase). The market outlook is still uncertain, as the decline in the price of raw material ethylene and the start-up and imminent start-up of several new units in the region continue to depress the market. Most market traders pointed out that if the signs of demand improvement are limited, the price of diethylene glycol in the next period may fall sharply

the price of octanol in this period increased by $12.5/ton compared with the previous period after the crude oil futures price rose by $4 per barrel, raising concerns that propylene prices will rise. Cracking manufacturers in Japan and Indonesia have decided to cut or prepare to cut operating rates. The intended purchase price of the shipment in the second half of October and the first half of November is 1125 dollars/ton (CFR, China, 90 day letter of credit) and 1110 dollars/ton respectively. The intended sales price of Japan and South Korea is 1140 ~ 1150 dollars/ton (CFR, China, 90 day letter of credit). Octanol products in the Asian market are the most profitable propylene derivatives

the price of n-butanol in this period is basically the same as that in the previous period. The n-butanol market is supported by rising octanol and crude oil prices and concerns about possible cuts in propylene production. Japanese and Taiwan, China manufacturers are unwilling to offer. Korean manufacturers say their n-butanol is used for local sales, and there is no goods available for sale in the international market. The intended selling price of the shipment in the second half of October and the first half of November is US $1040 ~ 1050/ton (CFR, China, 90 day letter of credit), and the intended purchase price is US $1000/ton

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