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market analysis and marketing strategy of China's water-based wood paint

brief introduction to the development of wood paint

wood paint has a long history of use in China. As early as the Han Dynasty, large paint has been applied to the surface finishing of wood furniture, such as Yangjiang lacquer, which is one of China's famous ancient lacquerware, has been overseas and famous for a long time, At present, most mahogany furniture still uses lacquer as the surface coating. From the use of phenolic varnish, alkyd varnish, enamel and nitrocellulose paint in the 1950s to the use of polyurethane paint in furniture in the late 1960s, wood coatings represented by "685" have been popular for nearly 30 years; In the 1990s, two-component polyurethane wood coatings named after "PU polyester" and nitrocellulose wood coatings named after "NC" began to enter China's furniture production and interior decoration industry. After China's entry into WTO, with the entry of many well-known foreign large enterprises, many advanced technologies, advanced equipment and advanced processes have been introduced at the same time. The production of wood coatings has developed from a single varnish variety in the past to a series of supporting products of multiple varieties; In the past, the pattern that resin synthesis and coating production were completed by the same factory was broken, forming a new situation in which the division of labor between resin production and coating production was clear and completed respectively, and China's Wood Coatings entered the track of rapid development. China has now become the second largest paint production and consumption country in the world. In 2008, the output of wood paint in China was about 650000 tons, accounting for 15% of the total output of paint (excluding architectural paint), ranking the third in the output of all kinds of paint in China (excluding architectural paint)

insiders believe that the future competition in China's paint market will focus on the competition between water-based paint and oil-based paint for market dominance. Yuewangkun, Secretary General of China Paint Industry Association, said at a water-based paint Forum: "although traditional coatings still occupy a large market share, water-based paint is a green industry and the direction of paint development in the future. Today, when the country vigorously advocates energy conservation and emission reduction, water-based paint is speeding up its industrial development. In the next five to eight years, water-based paint will account for more than 50% of the domestic industrial market." After more than 10 years of development, most of the properties of Chinese water-based paint can basically meet the needs of coating. At present, domestic leading enterprises of water-based paint are rising. In 2009, the water-based wood paint, which has been sleeping for a long time, was activated step by step. Some enterprises committed to water-based paint have invested unprecedented enthusiasm and development efforts. The rise of water-based paint has become a highlight of the entire paint market. It is believed that with the enhancement of people's awareness of environmental protection and health, as well as the stability of the process and performance of water-based wood paint, the proportion of water-based wood paint will gradually increase, becoming the source power for the development of China's coating industry

analysis on the factors of weak promotion of water-based wood paint in China

the "prospect" of water-based paint is attractive. Major paint manufacturers at home and abroad have also deployed heavy troops on water-based paint, launched their own water-based wood paint products at the same time, and increased the promotion efforts. However, in terms of the promotion progress of water-based wood paint in China at present, many paint enterprises, especially those specializing in the production of water-based wood paint, are struggling to operate, Some small and medium-sized enterprises are hovering on the edge of life and death, and even some pioneers have been defeated, and the promotion prospect is not optimistic. Why is the promotion of sunrise industries with infinite prospects weak at this stage? Specifically, at this stage, the factors of weak market promotion of water-based wood paint in China are as follows:

first, the lack of raw materials leads to poor performance research and development

water based wood paint is a paint diluted with water. In the process of production and construction, water is used to replace organic solvents. The use and dependence on organic solvents are greatly reduced by using this technology, so it is healthier. However, there are two disadvantages of replacing organic solvents with water: slow drying speed and insufficient hardness. Most water-based wood paint is actually hard particles dispersed in the water. The surface of water-based wood paint will form a layer of cortex structure. In the case of very thick, the drying speed is not only the concept of doubling. The other is hardness. It is said that the two-component curing agent is the closest to the solvent type, but it is also a pity that the two-component curing agent will react with water. When curing occurs, it cannot completely strengthen the reaction of three major elements, such as major project construction, innovation ability improvement, investment and intelligence attraction. For baking paint, it will be installed and inspected. Even if it has been extended or expanded to the fillet under the head or the head before breaking, check the electrical system to react with water. So for baking paint, the main problem at present is the performance of raw materials such as additives and resins

because water-based wood paint has not been in China for a long time, many additives, resins and other raw materials need to be imported. In order to protect a series of problems such as technological innovation, some foreign enterprises cannot import advanced raw materials into China at all, which makes the development of water-based wood paint in China fall into the first strange circle: there is no good raw materials, resulting in unsatisfactory product performance and no market, It directly leads to the shrinkage of the whole water-based wood paint market; For the sake of profit, enterprises are not willing to further develop higher quality raw materials or even completely give up the R & D and production of waterborne wood paint

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