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2010 Market Analysis of packaging machinery industry

many packaging products are collected at a frequency of more than 100Hz. In order to adapt to the fierce market competition, the renewal cycle is getting shorter and shorter. For example, the production of cosmetics changes every three years or even every quarter, and the production volume is large. Therefore, the packaging machinery is required to have good flexibility and flexibility, so that the life of the packaging machinery is much longer than the life cycle of the product, so as to meet the requirements of economy

in order to make the packaging machinery have good flexibility and flexibility and improve the degree of automation, microcomputer technology, module technology and unit combination must be widely used. In order to adapt to the changes of packaging product varieties and packaging types, the flexibility and flexibility of packaging machinery and equipment are often shown in the following three aspects:

flexibility of quantity. It can not only package a single product, but also adapt to the packaging of different batches of products

flexibility of construction. The whole equipment is composed of units, and one or several units can adapt to the changes of products

flexibility of supply. The unit combination is adopted to meet the requirements of tensile, contraction and zigzag tests, and the units are combined together for supply. For example, candy packaging machine combines different units, three feeding ports and four different folding packaging forms on a common basis, so that a machine can package 8 ~ 10 different kinds of candy at the same time. It is operated by multiple robots, and under the monitoring of a camera, it commands its action, and packages different kinds of candy in different ways according to instructions. If the product changes, just change the program in the camera, so that the equipment has good flexibility and flexibility

provide complete sets of equipment on the premise of user needs

use computer simulation technology to shorten the cycle of mechanical development and design

with the continuous acceleration of new product development, Shenyang packaging machinery design generally adopts computer simulation technology, that is, various machine elements are stored in the computer in the form of database, and the drawings are digitized and input into the computer, and the computer can automatically synthesize them into three-dimensional models. Then input the actual production data and indicators, and input all kinds of possible faults. The computer three-dimensional model can operate in imitation of the real working situation, and demonstrate the productivity that can be achieved, the number of waste products, whether each link of the production line can match the production, and where the bottleneck is, so that the customer can see at a glance according to the curve displayed on the display screen, and modify the model according to the customer's comments. The computer synthesis speed is very fast, so the modification work is fast and convenient until the customer or designer is satisfied. Computer simulation design technology has greatly shortened the development and design cycle of packaging machinery

the design of packaging machinery should not only pay attention to its function and efficiency, but also pay attention to its economy. However, the economy is not entirely the cost of the mechanical equipment itself. At this stage, the installation of experimental machines launched by different manufacturers is important for the operation cost, because the depreciation of equipment accounts for only 6% - 8% of the cost, and the other is the operation cost

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