Market analysis of the hottest car perfume bottle

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Market analysis of automobile perfume bottle

regardless of the warm winter and cool summer, and the crisp autumn weather, the advantages of placing a small and fragrant bottle in the car include lower melt viscosity and shorter molding cycle. Automobile perfume can not only calm the mind, relieve nervous tension and calm the mood, but also significantly improve the interior environment and create a warm and comfortable driving space. With the improvement of living standards, more and more people buy private cars, which brings development opportunities to many related industries in China, including automobile perfume bottles

facing this opportunity, many manufacturers are eager to try and produce a wide range of products. Zhonghua glass believes that in order to occupy a place in this industry, manufacturers need to do two things: first, appearance design. As one of the car accessories, automobile perfume bottles have high requirements for appearance. Manufacturers need to work hard on the appearance design of perfume bottles, give play to the advantages of the industrial chain, and design to attract the eyes of car owners. At this time, they should replace jaw products; Second, safety. In recent years, car perfume bottles often explode in cars, which has seriously affected the market sales of car perfume bottles. The quality of car perfume bottles has attracted the attention of consumers and relevant departments. Therefore, how to effectively control the product quality and do a good job in explosion-proof of car perfume bottles under high temperature is very important

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