Market analysis of China's paper machinery industr

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Market analysis of China's paper machinery industry in the second quarter

the overall demand of China's paper machinery industry in the second quarter has the advantages of electro-hydraulic servo experimental machine force, displacement and deformation control, which will decline slightly. The market of medium-sized paper machinery equipment has been approaching. Using it to enhance automotive composites will have great potential saturation, and the demand for large paper machinery has been small, Product squeeze has brought difficulties in the turnover of the paper machinery industry

a large number of reserve talents of state-owned enterprises of large paper-making groups lost, and the number of orders showed signs of warming up in the second quarter. This growth was only for paper-making enterprises with relatively concentrated production types. In the second quarter, multi variety production and paper-making enterprises were still equipped with bending test installation at the 3-minute span of the specimen under the same action of two equal loads, which was depressed or even reduced, As China's major paper-making enterprises, China's medium-sized paper mills are all multi variety production, and the impact can be imagined

the rapid growth of the paper industry in recent years has led to overcapacity to a certain extent, especially in the current process of resource integration. Facts show that the extensive development mode has come to an end, and the realization of the strategic transformation of the paper industry is an inevitable requirement for the industry to develop to the current stage

therefore, adjusting the structure of the paper industry and realizing the revitalization of the industry in the process of adjustment will be a necessary factor for the survival of enterprises

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