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Market analysis and prediction of China's industrial interconnection industry

Industrial interconnection is the product of the deep integration of the new generation of information and communication technology and modern industrial technology. It is an important carrier for the digitalization, networking and intellectualization of manufacturing industry. It is a key network infrastructure that meets the development needs of industrial intellectualization and has the characteristics of low time delay, high reliability and wide coverage

industrial interconnection platform is the core of industrial interconnection. From the perspective of the development of industrial interconnection and then turning the rack to instigate against the quasi zero line scene, the industrial interconnection platform is an extended development of the industrial cloud platform. At present, the platform application is still in the primary stage, mainly focusing on the simple scenario optimization application of device IOT + analysis or business system interconnection + analysis. As the digital nerve center of new manufacturing system, industrial interconnection platform plays a core supporting role in the transformation of manufacturing enterprises

data show that the service life of China's industrial Internet market can reach several 10 years in 2017, and the scale reached 467.699 billion yuan, with a growth rate of 13.5%; With the gradual settlement of industrial policies, the market space is expected to accelerate. It is expected that the scale of China's industrial Internet market will reach 692.912 billion yuan in 2020

according to the data, in 2017, the infrastructure scale reached 191.289 billion yuan, accounting for 40.9% of the total scale; The software and application scale reached 143.584 billion yuan, accounting for 30.7%; The scale of communication and platform is 129.085 billion yuan, accounting for 27.6%; Industrial safety is 3.742 billion yuan, accounting for 0.8% of the total scale

the industrial interconnection platform needs to solve a series of problems, such as the access of multiple types of industrial equipment, the integration of multi-source industrial data, the management and processing of massive data, the modeling and analysis of industrial data, the innovation and integration of industrial applications, and the iterative realization of industrial knowledge accumulation. Many branches of industrial interconnection are gradually imposing changes, and the supporting technology is ushering in changes, which will effectively promote the growth of the industry and affect the smooth function of oil

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